Setting in Divergent

The initial setting for Divergent by Veronica Roth takes place in Chicago, in a future world. That is absolutely different from the world that we are in now.  This setting in the story provide the foundation of her conflict in the story. There are five fictions in the world, Abnegation, Dauntless, candor, Erudite and Amity.

The setting is really important, and it impact what the whole story about. In the quote “The building that was once called the Sears tower- we call it the Hub- emerges from the fog, a black pillar in the skyline.” On page 4 state that this book Divergent take place in the future world of Chicago. The “Hub” is what we previously know as the Sears tower, which is the tallest tower and the most important tower. This tower is where the choosing ceremony in the book happened, the choosing ceremony is for all the 16 years old kids to choose their fiction that they want to be in for the rest of their life. And if the setting doesn’t take place in the future world, we do not need to separate our community into 5 different fiction. Then the conflict will not really happen because the conflict of the whole story is that the main character is a divergent, means that she doesn’t have a specific fiction and when she is taking the test that can test out which fiction fit here it shows that she have different fiction’s feature. If the setting doesn’t take place in future world, they don’t need to have the test and she will not need to choose a fiction and will not need to hide from everyone this secret, that she is a divergent. In the quote ““pit” is the best word for it, it is an underground cavern so huge I can’t see the other end of it from where I stand, at the bottom. Uneven rocks walls rise several stories above my head.” On page 63 in Divergent This quote shows when the main character Tris change her fiction to Dauntless and just get into the center square of Dauntless, and the “pit” is where she need to spend most of her rest of life in, is where she will need to live in. And as she stepped in to the Dauntless center she needs to be careful to not let anyone notice that she is a divergent and need to act like a Dauntless all the time. The setting is important in this quote because Dauntless center is where all Dauntless are and is not a place for Divergent , and her conflict is try to not let people know she is Dauntless. So this setting is really dangerous to her and it will make the conflict really easy to happened. Will lead the main character to conflict.

The setting is really important in Divergent, if the setting change in this story there will be a different story and conflict happened.

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