Movie poster of The Death Cure

This is my movie poster based on the novel The Death Cure by James Dashner. I select this picture for the background picture of my poster because in my opinion this picture has reflected on the main conflict in this book. There are many conflicts in this book but the main conflict in this book is Thomas the main character and some of his friends are immune to the flare which is a kind of disease. The wicked is a group of scientists and soldiers who is trying to find a cure to end this disease, but they find the cure by testing and gave trials and it kills many of Thomas friend and they decided to bring it down and one direct quote showing this is “We’ll sick around and play along and act nice. But as soon as we get a chance,  were going to fight our way out of this place.”

I think this conflict is person vs natural because Thomas is trying to face this group of people and trying to get his friends out, but this group is facing a problem which is a natural problem they need find a cure to end this disease. And we can see as the quote ” You are obviously well aware that we have a horrible disease eating the minds of human worldwide.” showed how horrible is this disease and how important to find the cure to stop this disease. The background picture reflect on the conflict because in the picture it shows two scientists finding and researching for something and in this book, the main things that lead all these conflicts happened are the disease and finding a cure so I think this picture can strongly show the conflict in this book.

On my movie poster I put three quote, I put the first one ” The time for lies is over” because one of the small conflict in this novel is Thomas find out that all of the thing happened is a lie and find out the purpose is to find out a cure and his ex-girlfriend also lied to him. The second quote is “Every maze has an end ” I put this quote is because The Death Cure is the last book of the Maze Runner series I use this quote to show the reader of this poster that this is the ending of the series. The last quote which is “Welcome to the city of wicked” I use this quote to relate the main conflict of this book, which is the group of wicked. I choose three actors for the three main characters, Tom Holland as Thomas,Robert Downey Jr. as Minho and Zendaya Coleman as Teresa. I choose them as the main character because I think Thomas is a really strong and brave character and Tom Holland who is the actor of Spiderman. In my opinion, I think he is also very brave and strong in the movie of Spiderman. I choose Robert Downey Jr. as Minho because in the book Minho and Thomas is really good friend, they worked together to faced Wicked and in the movie of  Advengers Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. is the best partner and they have really good teamwork. I choose Zendaya Coleman as Teresa because in the book there’s love between Teresa and Thomas and in the movie Spiderman there’s also love relationship between Zendaya Coleman and  Tom Holland .

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