Duke of Athens

This is my magazine cover of the “Duke of Athens” Theseus. In this cover, I include 3 quote that shows the personality of Thesus in Midsummer night dream. I think the quote in line 65-70  shows that Theseus has the power to judge and decide everything, he has the choice to make Hermia to death or force her to marry Demetrius. The quote in line 47-49 also showed that he is a very traditional person who believed everyone should do what their parents said and need to believe what their parents think. In Hermia’s opinion, she might think Theseus is really selfish, as the quote shows in line 140 she said why her love need to be decided by another person. And Theseus is the one who forces her to get married with Demetrius or to death.

And I choose this man as the background because I think in this picture it shows that he might be a lord of a country and he is really powerful by seeing his standing position and all his posture. Also when you see the badges on his red cloth it shows his importance and his place. Which is what Theseus is in Midsummer night dream, he is also really powerful and important. So I think this picture is the best choice to show Theseus.