Fish in a tree resolution

This is my Facebook page base on the novel Fish in a Tree written by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. Ally Nickson is the main character in this novel throughout the story she’s struggling having dyslexia, she can’t read the words on the page whenever she read she will have a headache. Classmates are judging her, bullying her and letting her lose confidence. But Mr. Daniel, her new teacher encourage her and made her find back her confidence and teach her that being different is not dumb. From the quote “So you are doing great, Ally you really are you feeling about all of this.” (pg.175) Mr. Daniel is encouraging Ally’s life, engaging her that she can do well. Also in the mystery box challenge ” Wow, Ally Nickson that’s amazing. I have done this with over a hundred kids and no one in all of those time have ever been able to figure that out.” (pg.80) when everyone is not believing Ally can do something Mr. Daniel is always letting Ally know that she can do it and she’s the same with others. “IM/POSSIBLE” (pg.176) There’s nothing impossible, Mr.Daniel said that impossible can also turn into I’m possible. Mr.Daniel let Ally knows that don’t care about what others said and just believe yourself, trust yourself. You are always the best! Lastly, Ally won fighting against dyslexia and find back her confidence.

On my Facebook page, I have included many quotes from the book that shows the main events happened in the book. All these events are also reflecting on the conflict of the whole story, what Ally has faced and what suffering she have go through. It also shows how Mr. Daniel has helped her. I have also included some brief information about Ally, there’s also image and picture include that shows Ally’s characterization. One of the images is a really stressed girl, I think this girl shows how Ally feels when she is reading a book and also one of the images have reflected what Ally is seeing when she is looking at all those words. The profile picture also shows how has everyone left her out and how lonely stressful she is when she is different from others.

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