Larisa’s video diary

This is a video diary about what happened during 1917-1924 in Russia. The main character Larisa used to be a factory worker but during the October revolution, she joined the Red guard and fight with the Bolsheviks. After the October revolution, war finally end, new leader, a new government. Larisa and her family moved to the countryside and she started being a farmer, living peacefully with her family. From a factory worker to Red guard to a Farmer, now is the time to let her have a rest she already put all her effort and tried her best in the October revolution. As time passed so quickly now she is getting older turning the age 44. In this video diary, she had talked about how she changed through time and what she lost during the civil war, War communism and what she gains during NEP. And the most important event happening during 1924, Lenin died. She expressed all her feeling about this in the video diary.

Lots of things happened during the Russian Revolution. At the start when Larisa and all the Factory workers can’t get a good condition when they decide to talk to Tsar in front of the winter palace. Tsar started the Bloody Sunday; he shoots many workers that Larisa had worked with. She continues working in this bad condition. Later on, Bolsheviks finally appear, Larisa finally sees hope. She starting to support the Bolsheviks and fight with them to overthrew Tsar and joined the Red guard during the October revolution. With all her effort and all the Bolshevik’s hard work, Russia finally has a new leader and new government. It also gave Larisa back her freedom and makes her dream come true. Now she can live peacefully with her family and getting a house with her family. No more Bad conditions in the factory. Although she suffered during War communism now she is living really peacefully in the countryside. It this Revolution didn’t happen, If Lenin didn’t come back, If Tsar was still the Leader of Russia Larisa will still live in that bad condition working to death. Everything is getting back to normal is all because this revolution happened.

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