Why is the French Revolution important?


This is a task from our Humanities class, is to make a video about the French Revolution. I created with my group members Yolanda and Abella. The purpose we create this video by showing all the key events in the French Revolution using pictures and recording of ourselves is that we want to let more people know what actually happened and by the time they watch our video they also enjoyed it. Some people might just know and heard of the French Revolution but don’t know what actually happened and what the people faced during that time. You might wonder why we need to learn the events that already past hundreds of years? From seeing our video you will know and compare the difference between the life we are having today and life during the revolution. People were separated into different estates, different levels depending on how much money they have. Treating lower estates unfairly. All the people during the French Revolution had faced through new laws, new leaders, execution by guillotine, wars, family dying, innocent people being killed… If you want to know more about the French revolution watch the video we made! (Citation is at the end of the video)