Adrienne’s journal

This is an ebook about the life of my character during the French revolution. The ebook shows her journal and what she faced during the revolution. She’s the smallest member of her family but carried a big job. She works hard every day with her brother just for earning more money. But she lost everything in the revolution, she faced the inequality between rich and poor and suffered through many things. If you want to know more about her and her journal. Read the ebook below.

In my opinion, I think the revolution was worth it and successful. Although there’s many suffered at first, lots of innocent people died, king Louise XVI betrayed France, Robespierre became the leader leads the Jacobins and start the reign of terror, many people were executed Robespierre was always seeing his own people as his enemies. But there’s a hero who helped France and pulled us out of this situation. After Robespierre died, Napoleon fight against the Jacobins and controlled France. He stopped the reign of terror. So I think no matter how much it suffered if the result is good then it’s worth it.