PE metal health assesment

A. If your mental health is thriving the green zone. You will feel happy and relax. You are not thinking of anything that’s negative or will bring your feeling down. Green zone is when you played with your friends and felt really enjoy. Always thinking positive.

B. The strategies  I used to keep myself in green zone is to focus on what I’m doing in that moment. Don’t think about anything that might attract you and bring you to a sad mood. Not seeing sad videos or thinking of bad memories. The tech habits I use is to listen to songs that’s happy or go watch dance videos that make me impressed. Which will let me think positive because when you see them dancing it will remind you that they are working hard, and dancing happily why can’t I.

C. Social media is a place sometime make me stayed in green zone but sometimes it leads me into yellow zone. On social media there’s many sad videos that makes me cry, and many repression videos which leads me into yellow zone. And always at night when we like to see tiktok there’s always videos make me think of many sad memories and afterwards when we sleep with our phones around us we will be thinking about our phones and will not get a good sleep. eLearning was also a trigger, sometimes when there’s too much assignments given and after school works I need to do other online class I will be agitated which leads me to yellow/orange zone.


D. When we are struggled in yellow or orange zone we will be agitated, sad. It will bring yourself into a negative mood. Thinking about many things. Let you struggle in a sad mood and can’t get out and it might also make you angry or cry.


E. The way I use, and it helped me get back to green zone is to take some deep breath and calm down myself. Trying to let myself not thinking to the thing that leads me into yellow zone again. Keep my technology away. I would also like to dance and do something I liked to forget the sadness or anger. I would also chat with my friends and express all my feeling, and my friends will help me to calm down. They will say their opinion and comfort me which help me get out of the yellow zone