Independent reading book reflection 4- Everything Everything

The Fiction novel Everything Everything written by Nicola Yoon is about thrill, adventure, love. What strikes me most about the story is the different perspectives of love within the relationship of the characters. The main character’s mom is overprotected. In her opinion, she thinks the world is too risky and dangerous she doesn’t want her daughter to connect with the real world. She made a white lie, told her she’s sick and has this disease that keeps her away from the world, if she contacts people outside she will die. But when she finds out the truth, she broke out of this shell that she was protected in she discovered another perspective of love start to falling in love, experiencing the wonders of the world for the first time, and discovering the deeper meaning of life. The author also uses visual drawing to express the meaning of her message. There’s a visual drawing showing her schedule, setting, and daily health log.