Was Marie Antoinette a Villain ♔

During the French Revolution that took place, Marie Antoinette was the wife of Louis XVI (King of France 1754-1793). Marie Antoinette was a villain as she was selfish and vivacious towards the people of France. Instead of trying to make France a better place, and help people in the third estate fight for equality, she just stood off and did her own thing. Marie Antoinette even had the audacity to shout, “Let them eat cake!” When the people of France (mostly the third estate) were starving and had no food to eat because of her. Marie Antoinette didn’t do anything about that though, she just made fun of them showing us how unsympathetic she really is. She went around buying and spending money on so many unnecessary things that the people of France nicknamed her “Madame Deficit”, and they blamed Marie Antoinette for putting France in economical debt. This shows us how Marie Antoinette is a villain, therefore she was executed via guillotine on October 16, 1793.

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