The French Revolution in Plain English ➣

Created by Maggie, Tracy and I; we introduce you to the French Revolution in Plain English, and what really happened. As we go through the major turning points and events of the French Revolution, we use cutouts to visually represent it for you. From the inequality of the three estates to a new emperor, we think the French Revolution was worth it. It helped France improve and as a country, ending up with equal rights and freedom.

4 Thoughts.

  1. Excellent job on the cutouts and explaining the french revolution. The Cuban Revolution was similar to the French Revolution because of the fact that they all were because the people felt unfair about what the ruler was doing. But they were different because the Cuban Revolution was fighting the dictatorship of Batista and the French Revolution fought a monarchy. 

  2. You speak really clear and you drawings make me understand the French Revolution even more. I really like the way you introduce the French Revolution.

  3. I liked how you gave very detailed explanations of what happened during the revolution. For someone like me who knows nothing about the French Revolution you made it very easy to understand.  A similarity was that the monarch lost control of the military as did Batista during the Cuban Revolution.  However Batista had lost the military to the rebel forces, as they refused to fight against their own countrymen . One difference was that the French had a monarch before the revolution and Cuba had a dictator.

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