You Say~

I chose to choreograph this dance that is inspired by the current situation we are facing with the virus. It goes through all the struggles we have been through and what we really feel about it. With all these challenges, I chose to use the song “You Say” by Lauren Daigle because I feel as if the lyrics express our thought process right now. I have also muffled the soundtrack, resembling the feeling of being trapped and isolated inside. It shows us how sometimes if “you say” something that we just need to focus on the bright side of things and use all the negativity going around to bring the positive and inspirational things out of it.

I feel like this piece shows a lot of emotion you wouldn’t usually see in dance which is nice and tells a story to the audience of what is going on in the world right now. I think to improve for next time, I could work on having better transitions, from one movement to another, and maybe even speeding it up a bit.

Overall, I quite enjoyed making this piece as it let me experience a lot of things, making each movement to have a meaning behind it. It also made me reflect on the past 9 weeks of the virus and quarantine, and how I’ve been dealing with it lately.

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