Choose Your Own Drama Adventure 2

Starring ☆

Jocelyn as Liv (Unprivileged)

Angel as Ilana (Privileged)


This story is about 2 girls, through their own perspectives, who met at a school event, where during COVID-19, they both go through their own struggles, but eventually, finding their way.

It represents how some may feel during this special occasion, how we take things for granted, and how much we envy each other at times.


Making this project was fun, even though I do think there are some aspects we could’ve improved on such as the main storyline through texts and the voiceover. But it was nice to express how we really felt on the inside, and share that it is okay, and everyone else is also going through this, you aren’t alone.

1 Thought.

  1. Way to go finding a way to collaborate with a classmate who is in a different country as you and having a scene featuring an honest conversations about the challenges of e-learning. Distraction is a real challenge! The image of Text messaging with voice over was a creative choice. If you decide to do a similar project in the future, I would recommend including images and action shots of the characters in the scene so that the audience will have a bigger understanding of how different their circumstances are. It will also give you the opportunity to show more acting scenes in addition to vocal acting. On the flip side, voice over talents are also a real career in the animation world.

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