9 Effective Ensemble Member Qualities~

  1. Risk Taker (willing to be open-minded to new things/ideas)
  2. Positive and Energetic (have a good attitude towards everything)
  3. Aware and in Control (observe how your actions impact other people)
  4. Focused (concentrate on what you’re doing)
  5. Active Listener (find out how you can cooperate with other people’s ideas into yours)
  6. Cooperative and Collaborative (work alongside your peers)
  7. Efficient (use your time wisely)
  8. Leaders & Followers (know when it is your turn to step up or step back)
  9. Positively Critical & able to act on that criticism (constructive criticism/positive feedback)

I would really love to work on being a risk-taker and being a leader and follower. I want to work on being a risk-taker as sometimes especially in drama class I won’t push myself, or I just stay in my comfort zone. I feel as I should challenge myself more and take more risks. I also would like if I can work on my leading and following skills because sometimes I also feel as I’ll always lead, or I’ll always follow, not both.

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