1. What was the name of the performance? The name of the group performing?

Treasure Island by National Theater

  1. What did you notice about the performance?

The way they spoke and directed the entire play plus the costumes gave off a very old vibe, like this performance was based in the olden days. The lights were dimmed, only focused on the actors.

  1. What does the performance remind you of?

The dialogue sounded very Shakespearean, with like old/broken English.

  1. How did you feel during the performance?

During the play, when the pirates were having a party thing, it made me feel somehow included with them, because I could see that they were enjoying themselves and having a good time. Also, during the fight scene was violent…but it was interesting and funny to watch happen.

  1. What questions do you have about the performance?

What was this performance based on/made off of? What inspired this play?

  1. What part of the performance did you enjoy the most? The least? Why do you think that is?

I didn’t really enjoy the dialogue/narration of it, only because their accents were hard to understand. I enjoyed the scenery and props that they included on stage; the sound effects also made it more realistic.

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