Sound Exercise: PJ

In this class, we did a sound exercise, where we listened to Mr. Redman’s voice and interpreted each scene of the story. At first, we relaxed on the floor, focusing on how our bodies could feel and isolate each limb. Then we moved on to imagining our surroundings, finding shelter, looking for water and food, and much more. During this exercise, I felt like I put a decent amount of effort into it, I tried imagining the different scenarios and using objects around the room to help me with it.

On my journey, I started out on the shore of the island, with no idea how I got there. As I started exploring a thunderstorm had hit, and I needed to find shelter (I hid under a table), later on, this storm turned into snow and I was “freezing”. I used my body heat to try to warm myself up, rubbing my hands and arms together, I looked around me for things to build my fire. As the storm passed, I needed to find food. I walked around the island and found some insects that I could cook over my fire and eat. There was a nearby river, and the water looked pretty clean and safe to drink. I didn’t have anything to carry and store things in, so I had to eat and drink as much as I could at the moment. Eventually, after trekking the island for a long time, I was tired and needed to find shelter (I found the black box thing and hid in it), I came across a cave-like structure and began to go inside of it.  It was dark and I was scared, but inside something had caught my eye. It was a treasure box. I carefully unclasped the box and lifted it open. Inside was a map, a map of the island. I followed this map which led me back to the river I was at, and at the end was a canoe. I got into the canoe and started paddling away, but after a while, I realized that there were people following me, I started paddling faster and faster, but the water kept seeping into my boat. I tried to scoop out the water, but there was too much and my boat capsized.

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