Disney “Tangled”- PJ Response

  1. Before it starts – what do you know about Musicals and what do you expect you will see?

I know that musicals can be based on a movie, and it is performing a show but instead of mostly dialogue, the actors mostly are signing throughout the show.

  1. What did you notice about the performance? 

The lighting really focused on the characters, and I think it helped set the scene. As when the lights we bright and shining directly onto the character, it usually meant good things were going to happen. But when the lights were dimmed and more spread out, bad things followed.

  1. What does the performance remind you of?

The storyline of Tangled really reminded me that everyone should always have faith in themselves and remember that they can achieve anything. That you’ll never know if you will succeed if you don’t take the risk and try. And also, to never let anyone or anything hold you back from your dreams.

4. How did you feel during the performance?

During this performance, when Rapunzel used her magic hair power to help save Flynn, it made me feel very happy for her and she was outside finally living out her dreams and using what she was given and a gift to help and save others.

5. What questions do you have about the performance? The process? Performing in a musical?

 How long did all of this take to put together? How was handling the long hair prop a challenge for the actors?

  1. What part of the performance did you enjoy the most? The least?  Why do you think that is?

I really enjoyed the part where Rapunzel lives a happy life after getting rid of her “mom”, and finding her real family with Eugene (Flynn). But before that, I didn’t really enjoy it when Rapunzel’s “mom” cut her hair off to attempt to get rid of Flynn, probably because I felt really bad, and just wanted Rapunzel and Flynn to have the best life.

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