Controlling Destiny- Final Process Journal

1.How do you feel now that you have finished the final acting scene?

It feels relieving to be done with something we’ve been working on for so long, and something we have worked so hard for.

2. I Used to think/Now I think – in regards to preparing for your final acting scene.

I used to think that during our performance everything needed to go exactly to plan, but after the performance when we realized we stuttered a bit or skipped a few lines I now think that acting is all about going with the flow, creating a realistic scene and not all about being perfect.

3. What did you do well? Your ensemble?

I think that I projected my voice well so that the audience could hear me, and enunciated my words clearly. I also tried talking at a speed the audience would be able to follow along comfortably with. I think that our ensemble improved with our blocking and handling props as we connected our movements to dialouge, and we knew when and where we needed to go/be.

4.  What do you feel you could do better on in the future?

I think that one major thing our ensemble could improve more on is just getting the script right first, as I am aware we skipped some lines, but it didn’t affect how our scene flowed. However, as an individual I feel like I could improve on my character development and more of the body movements my character would’ve maybe done.

5. Connect the process of creating a character, developing performance and performance to YOU in the future.

I feel like through the process of developing a character and performance will help me in the future as I can learn how to embody and notice specific details about people or the way a scene flows. It will also help me make wiser decisions as I will want to me more precise with everything I do.

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