I and You by Lauren Gunderson

This play was about a girl named Caroline who was homebound due to her liver illness, and Anthony as they attempt to complete an urgent English assignment. However, as they continue to work together they become closer in connection and share secrets with each other which then leads to an unexpected twist in the play. In the end, we learn that Caroline’s room is a metaphor for her body, and that their encounter and interactions with each other is Anthony being Caroline’s organ donor for her liver transplant.

I found this twist in the story very interesting and it kept me engaged throughout the play. I would’ve never expected for something like this to happen as it took me by surprise, and I thought it was very smart by the author to formulate a play in this way. I really enjoyed how each of Anthony and Caroline’s interaction symbolized something during the organ transplant such as when Anthony was being ‘rejected’, that was actually Caroline’s body rejecting Anthony’s liver. All in all, I think this play was a good read as it was easy to understand the language usage and connections. I really liked how Caroline and Anthony’s relationship developed throughout the play, even though there were some bumps along the way, the ending and reveal of the metaphor was very meaningful and well thought-out.

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