Live Theatre Experiences

  • Nutcracker – Danz Center performance 2016
  • Swan Lake – Danz Center performance 2017
  • Alice in Wonderland – On Pointe performance 2017
  • Snow White – ISB Production 2017
  • Mary Poppins – On Pointe performance 2018
  • Movie Night? – On Pointe performance 2019
  • Not a Box – ISB Production
  • Once Upon a Hutong – ISB Production
  • Honk – ISB Production
  • TEDx Talk – Youth @BWYA 2019
  • Midsummer nights Dream – ISB Production 2019
  • Peter Pan – On Pointe 2019
  • Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake – Tianqiao Performing Arts Centre 2019
  • Bluefire showcase – ISB 2021
  • The Audition – ISB Production 2021

The Audition creates a point of tension when Yuma believes that she is better than all the other dancers and hence interrupts the choreographer and her teaching. This initially creates a slightly awkward atmosphere as the other characters are skeptical of Yuma’s behavior, however later on, warm up to Yuma and her large personality by following her lead and cheer her on as she fights in a dance battle.

The director made this moment of tension possible through the atmosphere it created. They utilized the long pauses and loud and abrupt interruption of Yuma to highlight and emphasize her sassy personality taking over the choreographer’s role as she begins to challenge the choreographer into a dance battle. Furthermore, this atmosphere is developed through the crowd gathered around both Yuma and the choreographer and the loud encouraging cheers being said. Alongside the bright and colorful lighting to enhance the liveliness of the scene, these aspects is what creates the tension and atmosphere of the moment.

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