Jacques~ French Revolution Journal

His name was Jacques, working hard for his family every day. He questions if what he is doing, is good enough, or even right. During the time of the French Revolution, Jacques fights for equality and rights for the displeased peasants, ruled by King Louis XVI, an absolute monarch. To having a new constitution, implementing new rules in France. Then after years of deaths and war, France has a new emperor. Here we go through Jacques journey to freedom.

Was Marie Antoinette a Villain ♔

During the French Revolution that took place, Marie Antoinette was the wife of Louis XVI (King of France 1754-1793). Marie Antoinette was a villain as she was selfish and vivacious towards the people of France. Instead of trying to make France a better place, and help people in the third estate fight for equality, she just stood off and did her own thing. Marie Antoinette even had the audacity to shout, “Let them eat cake!” When the people of France (mostly the third estate) were starving and had no food to eat because of her. Marie Antoinette didn’t do anything about that though, she just made fun of them showing us how unsympathetic she really is. She went around buying and spending money on so many unnecessary things that the people of France nicknamed her “Madame Deficit”, and they blamed Marie Antoinette for putting France in economical debt. This shows us how Marie Antoinette is a villain, therefore she was executed via guillotine on October 16, 1793.

Sasha’s Video Diary ♔ Russian Revolution

Perspective: Sasha

Hi, my name is Sasha. I used to be a factory worker but then became a Red Guard to serve my country. I now have “retired” from being a Red Guard due to old age and burnout, coming back to the old factory life. Since I quit the Red Guards, I have been deemed as “counter-revolutionary”, even though all I want to do is just escape all the drama. The remaining Red Guards and Lenin had it for me, trying to find me and execute me for escaping. Soon, the Red Guards had to deal with all the war communism things as got distracted. As Lenin died, I sensed something terrible was going to happen next. But I didn’t know what.

Perspective: Angel (Me)

Looking back at the Russian Revolution, I don’t think everything that happened (events) was worth it, as many people died and suffered during it. For the survivors though, it could’ve been a great growing experience for them, learning about how the real world is and what is the reality.


Letters to a Young Gymnast ☆

This is more than just a memoir, “Letters to a Young Gymnast”, goes from Nadia Comaneci’s perspective, she’s answering a letter from young girls around the world looking up to her each day. Nadia Comaneci took the sports, more specifically the gymnastics world by storm. At the age of 14, she went to the 1976 Montreal Olympics representing Romania and became the first gymnast to ever be awarded a perfect score of 10.0. Here we go through Nadia’s struggles (from her young self to an Olympic champion) along the pathway and what helped to motivate her, letting her persevere through tough times.

Gymnastics is demanding, from hours of training each day, “I woke up every morning and had breakfast at 7:00am and then went to the first training session from 8:00 to 11:00. I went to classes from 11:00 to 2:00pm, rested for a few hours, and then headed back to the gym for late practice until 7:30. We ate dinner after our second practice, did homework, and then had lights out by 10:00pm (p50).” To having her coach putting too much pressure on her, being pushed to the point that Nadia’s body couldn’t even handle it anymore. “It was extremely strenuous and spending any more time than this would have been too much for our bodies to handle (p93). This shows how even though she had rough and grueling days, she was determined to fulfill her dreams, Nadia persevered and pushed through it, making it onto the Olympic stadium. She is being a role model, setting an example for all the youngsters out there, who would like to be a gymnast in the future.

To explain the theme of this book, I picked an ink blotted background as when your inkblot something, both sides are never exactly the same. This represents how people are so similar yet so different, each and every one of us has a different story to tell, different struggles but different outcomes to things too. We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. I chose the picture of Nadia doing a back layout step-out (picture on the left) as she’s in the midst of the air, she may not know if she’s going to land the skill or not in the end, but she still does it anyway, symbolizing her bravery and hope throughout this story. You don’t always have to be perfect, but you did it, knowing you tried your best. On the other hand, I chose the picture of Nadia performing a skill named after her, the “Comaneci Salto” on the bars (picture of the right). This symbolizes that we all should think in a different mindset, we all are unique and shouldn’t try to fit in, because up till then, no one else knew what this skill even was, meaning they couldn’t do it either. We needed to get out there and explore, to try new things. Lastly, I chose a picture of her standing straight up (picture in the middle) as this shows how to focus she is on what she is doing at that very moment. It symbolizes, even though we each want different things in life, you can’t let other people get in the way of your dreams/goals, you must stay motivated and focus along your journey. “You cannot truly understand a person unless you know where they have come from (p8).”

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The Boxer Rebellion ♔

The Boxers definitely deserve a bad reputation. In my opinion, this is because in the 1900s when the Boxer Rebellion started, the world community was perfectly fine. Trade was used to share different technologies, products, and ideas. Though when the Boxer Rebellion officially started, a lot of avoidable situations happened, such as innocent deaths and violence, there was also a development of xenophobia, a fear of foreigners. This is completely unreasonable it is rude, cruel and offending. Instead of using violence, and aggressiveness to approach this situation, they could’ve at least tried to negotiate, and talk it out. Don’t just make a bad decision, and blame it on someone else. The Boxers hated foreigners, but the foreigners had no idea what they did wrong, they were abused. The Boxers over-reacted to all this and should’ve tried to understand the situation before acting, everything that happened was unreasonable.

The Memory Book ➣

Have you ever pretended to have something when you really didn’t? Or judge a book by it’s cover? Well, in this case, this is exactly what happens inside The Memory Book by Lara Avery. Samantha McCoy has recently gotten diagnosed with Niemann-Pick Type C, which is a rare genetic disorder causing Samantha to slowly lose her memory. Medically speaking, this disorder is “always fatal”, to help with this, Samantha wrote every single moment of her life down, cherishing every second she has left.

Samantha wants every achievement she could ever have. She is a doer, an over-achiever. She didn’t let anyone stop her, not even her illness, “the health stuff I could take, but don’t take away my future” (p10). But as the year does by, Samantha starts to have concerns and worry more and her symptoms of Niemann-Pick Type C become more frequent and obvious. “Everything was going perfectly fine. And somehow it wasn’t” (p94). Showing how Samantha was handling this very well until suddenly she blanked out on stage. With high stakes at the line, Samantha is stressed, pressured to do well in school, “if I don’t get to finish the school year, my grades go down. If my grades go down, Hanover will reconsider my valedictory status. If they take away my valedictory status, my parents will realize I’m losing control of things…”(p26) She wanted everyone to think that her life was perfect, running smoothly.

This is where my movie poster comes in. It shows how Samantha McCoy struggles with her illness every day of her life, no matter what. It’s a picture of her in a hospital bed, because no one wants to come off as weak, or struggling to others, this is exactly where the problem is. No one wants to be different, no one wants to stand out. But even when Samantha struggles, it always takes her back, connecting her to her family and roots who were the ones who helped when she was first diagnosed. This could tell us that throughout the rest of the story, Samantha might push through her illness and maybe have a breakthrough, “most of all, that if she’s going to die, she’s going to die living.” (p0)

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A Magazine Dedicated to Helena- MSND

Helena feels as if she’s quite worthless, as no one loves her. She’s as ugly as a bear but still very considerate of others. She’s still beautiful on the inside.

On line 194, Helena is speaking to Hermia as she wishes that Demetrius would love her back, “You sway the motion of Demetrius’ heart.” Which is self-explanatory as the four teenagers are all stuck in an itty bitty love triangle. Hermia then proceeds to give Helena advice on boys, and how to get them to love you back, then saying, “The more I hate, the more he follows me (198).” As Hermia already wants to be with Lysander, she doesn’t want Demetrius, walking away from that situation, only makes Demetrius want Hermia more. As Hermia is getting impatient with Demetrius’ underlying love for her, Helena wishes she could be standing in Hermia’s position right now. “O that your frowns would teach my smiles such skill(195)!” Helena gets furious that Helena isn’t grateful enough for what she has.

The picture I used for my magazine cover was a picture of a more specifically, tall girl. As later in the play, Hermia and Helena are in a fight, Hermia insults Helena about her height. The background “Helena” is standing against, is also symbolizing the forest, as to where Lysander and Hermia ran away to, and Helena goes after them.

Helena is one of the characters in the play, who is under-rated and always gets pushed away. Even though she could symbolize an ever deeper meaning, of one’s struggles.




~Every Last Word~

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be “controlled” every second of your life? Or what it’s like to be consumed by your own thoughts? Well, that’s what happens in Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone. Samantha McAllister is the one suffering from Purely-Obsessional OCD, second-guessing every move she makes. Trying to hide her illness from her friends, Samantha dynamically changes throughout the story with the help of her new friend, Caroline. She went from her “mind leaping around thought to thought” (p81) to “a trace of relief” (p112). Samantha’s surroundings significantly impact how she reacts to stress and peer pressure too.

Firstly, Samantha had an old group of friends she has known since Kindergarten, they went by the name “Crazy Eights”. She knew how badly they treated her; always being excluded, questioning her till she can’t handle it anymore. The “Crazy Eights” really did have the audacity to do that. As Samantha’s psychiatrist asks her how things are going with her friends, Samantha thinks carefully about the situation. “Better in some ways. But different,” (p97) this tells us a lot about their friendships, as things change, Samantha may have felt less pressured and liked it better that way. It wasn’t a healthy relationship between them.

“The anxiety eases as I walk through campus” (p22) Samantha expresses how entering school on the first day made her feel. During the school day, Samantha had more frequent and severe anxiety attacks. School made her feel sick as, “My stomach turns over violently and my mouth feels dry, so I sit there for a minute taking deep breaths” (p22) she was trying to calm herself down, not making a huge scene. She just couldn’t trust anyone else to know about her illness, worried that she would get tormented and teased for it, “My friends can’t know about my OCD or the debilitating uncontrollable thoughts, because my friends are normal,” (p8) worried in a way that she’s different. Caroline helped with Samantha’s anxious thoughts as she could relate in a way, calming Samantha down. She knew the prompts, such as asking fact questions and getting Samantha to focus on something else, “she was well-trained” (p7).

Being different from others can be very understandable, such as in our world nowadays especially on social media, we get backlash from doing things others don’t like, but if we do the things others do like, we get backlash for being “unoriginal” or being too “basic.” It’s like anything we do in this world will never be enough for others, so stop trying to impress your friends or the guy you like. Just be yourself. Whenever Samantha has uncontrollable thoughts, it leads her to her friends, who were really there for her during the hardest times. This tells us that later throughout the story, Samantha might struggle with these friends or struggle with her mental health and how she feels about it, giving a sense of what being her feels like.

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Wish Carefully ➤

The found poem above was taken from the text of The Monkey’s Paw written by William W. Jacobs. This poem shows the theme in the story, which is when their son dies because of their wish, and they cannot believe what happened. I chose some text from the inciting incident and some from the resolution part of the story because it shows what may have happened in the beginning, and the consequences of their actions throughout the story, making the reader more intrigued. I made my poem this way because I sometimes believe that “you’re better here where you are” quoted by Sergeant Major, means something very deep. As we always want more and more, we may be at the peak of our lives right now, than when we get what we wished for, there’s always bad things after something good happens. Then at the end of the story when Mrs. White son, Herbert has come back, “Let me go, I’m coming” speaks from two sides. She’s ditching her husband, who doesn’t want his son back and is afraid, and chasing her dreams where she can finally meet her son again (as he recently died).

The picture I chose, is my background for my poem because at the end of the story it describes; the street lamp opposite the house shone flickeringly on a quiet and deserted road. Which I think shows that the story had drama and action in it, but eventually it all ended in a snap. I cut out the words from the story and stuck them on because it shows how words can make or break someone, even though we sometimes mean them as a joke, to the other-side, they may misinterpret them. For example, the words are separated (left and right) on each side, if you only read one side, it wouldn’t make sense therefore, we need to all view things from different perspectives.

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