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I haven’t read any novel during the holiday, I have read 1 and a halve non fictions:”a brief history of the future” “21 lesson for the 21th century” I don’t think any of the books that I read is suitable for a literary essay, so the book i think i will be reading in the future will be a classical fictional novel.

The Circular Economy Introduction

I resonated with the idea of making and redesign products out of used products, such as recycling parts of an electronic device to repair or make new devices. I  can resonate with this because I have done past project about the issue of redesigning product out of used materials, and because in my everyday life i have seen many electronic products being thrown away or never used agin. I thin electronic is one of the biggest product that go to waste.
In todays lesson, I understand that, CE is not only remanufacturing artificial products but also using bioscience to return nutrient that have been lost due to industrial wast back to the nature, and this can not only reduce pollution and prevent health issues, but also making the land and water more suitable to grow crops.
in this subject we are trying to solve world enduring problems by designing a product or method. The CE it self is targeted to solve the problem of resource shortage, pollution caused by either industrial waste or using not sustainable energy(fossil fuel, coal etc). In the past projects we have already seen topic related to the three principles of CE, when designing a product for the MCC we are using waste plastic to redesign new products, and this correlates with the fist principle:”DESIGN OUT WASTE AND POLLUTION”. And also we are trying to help the MCC to create a self sustaining solution to their enduring issues, many problem on the economic and environmental side can be solved with the concept of CE.

MCC product project-portfolio

I’ve read up to page 98, last when I reflected I predicted that there will be involved with the subject of racism, and now the story actually slowly started to developed a storyline about racism. One thing I don’t like about this book Is that even though it is necessary to create a setting, but the author gives too much information about the character’s normal life which distracts me from knowing the actual storyline.

The author’s language is formal and traditional, I provide detailed insights into the life of people in the west during the last century. in this book, the author wrote many dialogues, this makes the story more alive and gives the reader a better understanding. This book uses a first-person view of Scout, the main character, the story moves forward as we unravel it with the narrator.

To kill a mockingbird

The book that I am currently reading is “to kill a mockingbird” by Harper Lee. I have read to page 33 until now. This book is mainly about a girl named Louise living in Alabama, and her family was in poverty because of the civil war. The book has been writing about her normal life in Alabama until she encountered a boy named Walter Cunningham, an impoverished boy; the author gave a lot of background information about the Cunninghams.

The novel has been about Louise. This book is very realistic because it addressed the policy during that time in Alabama and gave an accurate description of Alabama’s life. From the time period and the place that the story is taking place, I can infer that this book could be about civil or women’s rights because it has been a major problem.

I will recommend this book to others because it can be fascinating for people that are interested in history at that time. Still, it could be less engaging for people who do not understand the background in that time period.

Shelter Project V2 Reflections

I changed my main focus shifted from the appearance of the house to the purpose and design of the house. I explained more about my target audience and the environmental crisis/social problem that this house is designed to solve. after listening to all of the feed backs I decided to make improvement on my shelter by making it able to withstand more critical condition and more space efficient.


when i was designing the shelter I first focused on finding a major problem: For me, it is flooding. Because there is global warming around the world then that will cause the global sea level to rise, thus there will be more frequent flooding in near sea cities. my shelter is  designed to survive strong waves, and raised on a platform above ground level in order to protect the residents when flood occurs. The main issue caused by flooding is clean water; flooding water may contain virus bacteria, and parasites – all of them are deadly. this house can solve this problem by filtering rain water collected from the roof and make is drinkable.  The solar panels on the roof can also solve the problem of lacking energy.

During the planning stage I really enjoyed designing the house and researching about renewable energy and ecofriendly building materials.

I think my design can improve more on making the house affordable for normal people, and making it more ecofriendly by circulating the water and reusing the resources.

I want to make my house more easy to build, and do more planning before the building process.I want it make more drawing before the building.

I want to make my model as realistic as possible. And make more modification during the building process.

Shelter V1 now and next

Now :

My video gives an introduction to my house, the design idea, target audience and the social aspect of the shelter. Also about how my house is eco friendly the energy it use and also the material of the house. My develop and plan in the design cycle will be half meeting and approaching because i didn’t have a-lot of planning on paper, but i did have pencil trace to show which part to cut. for create and improve i think I will get between mastery and meeting because I build the house according to my design and also I made the house precisely and with out any visible gap and glue.



After seeing the design cycle I will spend more time on the develop and plan process, make more planning and dawn out exactly what I want the house to be. By doing this I can actually save more time creating the model and make the house more athletically pleasing.

Shelter V1 Reflection

Project Shelter is about designing a shelter for a specific purpose and a group of specific customers. The designed shelter is supposed to be sustainable to the environment, beneficial for the society, and specially designed for an intended audience group.

During this first phase of project shelter, I think it reflects my weakness in planning but it could also because of the limited time, so I didn’t get to plan and design more before building it. But I think during this process it reflects my strength in creating and building, and making the plan into actual models.

During the designing process, I have considered many social aspects of the shelter, including the possible audience, the purpose of the house, and if the material of the house is environmentally friendly or not. My completed work is a holiday house for people who like the wilderness or like suburban life. this house has a gothic window design,  Rennaissance garden, desing and modern design in it.

CASE introduction

What is ‘Social Studies’? How is it different from ‘Humanities’?

Social studies are a study of human societies and it includes history and geology, Humanities only focuses on how a human interacts and relates to society. The social study focuses on the relationship between the people and the society, also it is a study of how society functions. Social study is based on social science while humanities are more focused on the cultural aspect.


What are some ‘big ideas’ from Design that you already know?

When designing a product, first the planning and prototyping is an important aspect of designing when the planning process is done, then we can focus on creating and improving the product.


Why do you think ISB made a course that combines Social Studies and Design together?

Combining design with social study can inspire students to create products that are both innovative and beneficial to society.  By learning social studies we can understand the need that people have, and get inspiration from it.

Disruptus reflection 

During the game of Disruptus, the players draw cards from a pile–each card contains a picture of a product. during the game, players get to either create new products on I the old product or combine two products. When we played the game we didn’t come up with such ideas, but we did create new products from two cards.

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