• What did you read over the holiday?

Over the holiday, I read two books, one Chinese book, and one English book. The Chinese book is called 《简明大历史》which is called “A Brief History”. This book is extremely fascinating; it talks about how vast it the universe was,  how life was born, how civilization was created by humans. This book shocks me and gives me a new sense of understanding of the world.

Another English book is called  “In Search of Memory” by Eric R. Kandel, a Nobel laureate neuroscientist. This book talks about a part of our brain called the hippocampus, where it stores our memories, and millions of neurons work with the hippocampus; it’s so esoteric.

The curious incident of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon

Current pages: 250

“The curious incident of the dog in the night-time” is based on an autistic child Christopher, who found a dead dog on his neighbor’s lawn, and he decides to found out the murder. However, the main point of this story is not the dog; it is Christopher’s perspective. It tells about how autistic people think, behave, and react to interruptions, such as noise or touches. There are a few people who are autistic in our lives, and some people are not helping them or caring them. Thinking they are mental disorders, and they are useless people. If it is me, I would kind to autistic people and give them space because most autistic people do not like people to know their privacy or talk too much to strangers. 

The book is almost done; at the end, Christopher found the murder who killed the dog Wellington, and actually, the book was a diary from Christopher. So, if you want to read any books about teenagers, read this! 


The curious incident of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon

Current pages: 127.

Christopher Boon is a boy from the UK who has autism. He loves to read detective books such as Sherlock Holmes, love dogs, but he hates people laughing at him and touching him; he hates yellow and brown and won’t talk to anyone if he/she is not familiar to him.

“The curious incident of the dog in the night-time” is a fantastic book for teenagers, about 13-16. “The dog was lying on the grass in the middle of the lawn in front of Mrs.Shears’s house.” It was at night, Christopher saw a poodle dog lying on the ground on his neighbor Mrs.Shear’s lawn. And Christopher decides to find out who killed that dog.

Personally, I won’t abandon this novel because it was so intense. This book is from the first-person perspectives, which are from Christopher’s perspective. I love the way it writes because all the conversations between people and people are so natural; the way it describes people’s mood and people’s feeling is so profound. There are some metaphors such as “A white lie,” which means you don’t have to talk the whole truth. So far, Christopher found some new clues about dogs and found that his mom wasn’t dead from a heart attack.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens when Christopher found her mom and relates Mrs.Shears’s family and the dog.

“The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” Reflection (59 pages)

“All your friends. All the bullies. And their mothers and fathers have given up, too. And their grandparents gave up and their grandparents before them. And me and every other teacher here, We’re all defeated.” Mr.P was crying.

Junior(the main character) was born with various medical problems; he is picked on by everyone but his best friends. But the only special thing about Junior is, he never gives up; he will never say NO to failure. He knows his future, and he wants to work hard for that. His parents are a common example to all the people in Rez (reservation school). His mom wants to be a teacher, and his dad wants to be a musician. But because their family is poor, they can’t even pay for food, and also no one pays attention to their dreams than they just give up themself and become a worker with minimum pay. But one day, Mr.P – Junior’s Math Alexie-The-Absolutely-True-Diary-of-a-Part-Time-Indian-e15… | Flickrteacher told Junior.

“You’ve been fighting since you were born, you fought off that brain surgery, You fought off those seizures. You fought off all the drunks and drug addicts. You kept your hope. And now, you have to take your hope and go somewhere where other people have hope.”

Later, Junior decided to leave this hopeless place and to receive a better school where is all wealthy white people’s school.

Even Junior works hard on his life, and he has a variety of mental illnesses. So what reason do we have to find excuses not to study hard?

Food insulation cover

My friend Fung likes pizza, but if it’s cold, it’s not delicious. The pancakes began to harden and the cheese did not soften. So I invented this kind of heat preservation cover to help keep food warm. My design philosophy is that a very large lid can play a better role in retaining points, and black can absorb heat so that it can better maintain heat. There is a small handle above the lid to easily remove the lid.

A diary of a French nobleman in a slum.

My hero is a man from the nobility who went to a small town of the third estate to be a teacher. This journal tells us that he and these people have experienced the whole French Revolution and have been encouraging people to obtain freedom and fairness.

I think the French Revolution is worth it, because before the social situation was that people in the first and second estates had food, nice clothes, money, privileges and they didn’t have to pay taxes. But the people in the third estate are a peasant. Their income is especially small, and they have to pay more than 80% of the tax to the state. They can’t even afford food, let alone clothes and some luxury goods. Everyone felt that such a day was very unequal, so the French Revolution began. After more than ten years of struggle, the people of the third estate have finally gained equality and freedom, and they don’t need to pay too much tax, but also have their own land. So because of this revolution, how many poor people have gained freedom and equality. I think the great revolution is worth it.



The Cold War of Liberty

This picture shows the desire of these revolutionaries for equality and freedom. Everyone holds a gun to organize these wealthy people to live a carefree life and also for their own freedom.
This video covers four turning points, including “Storming of the Bastille”, “The execution of King”, “French revolutionary wars”, and “The Reign of Terror”. These four events represent the entire French Revolution process It also tells the whole process of the French Revolution. The French Revolution was corruption and violence. For the sake of freedom and equality, the third class used a very violent means to end this corrupt France. This is a group work video, a video completed by Benjamin Zhou and Justin Ai.

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Is King Louis XVI a Hero or Villain ?

For this infographic, my main idea is King Louis XVI is a villain. Because he caused the French Revolution, he tried to escape, and the government income and spending. What is a Hero and what is a Villain? A Hero is who is helping the country, or help to solve the difficulties of saving a war. But a Villain is a person who was scared, afraid in some difficulties or war and the person who is not even trying to solve the problem. For the first one, the main idea was King Louis XVI raised taxes to pay debts. But the Third Estate people can’t afford it, so the French Revolution happened. For the second one, during the war with Austria. He and his family are trying to escape from Paris to Austria, but he got caught and sent back to Paris. For the third one. It basically showed how the government using their income. King Louis XVI, he wants to be a great king, he said: “I want everyone to trust him. But I just don’t know how to deal with it.” He is only 16 years old and he became a king, he too young and doesn’t know how to administer France, if we are king when we are 16, we also feel we are not ready yet. After the war with Austria, he doesn’t know how to deal with the war and he feels scared. So, he wants to escape. But everyone lost trust in King.

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Russian Revolution Video Journal(Lenin’s Death)

This video journal is from Father Gapon’s perspective. Father Gapon was working in the church before, he was the person who always helped the workers in the factory. But after Lenin took place, he made the church had no power. The government took all his property and status. So now, Father Gapon has nothing with him, the only choice is to live on a street and found things in the trashcan for living. But he also frees the workers from the factory. Which had a lot of impacts and helped the workers to earn their own money and have a lovely family. During this time, many main events happened, like civil war was mentioned. This caused many people to died but Lenin still won the war.

In my own personal opinion about Lenin, I think he is a great leader. He had brought land, peace, and bread. He gave land to the workers, let them be free, and also end the world war I. During that time, he let Russia became a strong country in the world. So, I think he is a great leader.

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‘Outcasts United’ by Warren St. John


One of the conflicts in this book is. Luma was born and raised in a wealthy family in Amman, Jordan. She was work extremely with her soccer coach. After high school, she decided to go to America Collage. After 4 years, she attends to stay in America but her parents disagree, so that cut her off financially. So she moved to Georgia, she walks on the street and saw a group of the kid playing soccer, some are barefoot, some are black. She saw they have so much fun and enjoy it, so she decided to be the refugee soccer team coach. The second conflict was in the story, the war-torn refugee boys need help. Luma provided this, but they got kicked out of every nice soccer playground. So, because Luma has a wealthy family, she took these boys to her soccer playground. The resolution of this book is, the Tornado cup is coming, the Fugees’ morning game was against the Concorde Fire, a team from a very expensive soccer academy. In the first half, refugees took advantage of 2-1. But with the second half. Concorde fire is getting better. Pull back two. In the end, the refugee failed 2-3. Although we lost, we had a lot of fun and experience together in these months. The most important thing is friendship. My favorite two quotes of this book are, “No one person can do everything . . . but we can all do something.” (St. John)said, coach Luma. The coach is saying that one person can not do everything, but if teamwork together, we can do many things. It tells us to work with your team and unite together. The second quote is, “Everything in the world starts small and then becomes bigger, except bad things. They start big, and then get smaller.” (St. John)When there is a had thing happen, like one of the members quit the soccer team. But later, the team discussed and solve the problem, and the bad thing starts to get smaller and smaller.