Make It: Define & Inquire

 A makey makey is a device where you can connect wires to it to make it like a controller so that you don’t have to use the keyboard. It can be used to play music or play games with it.

Scratch is a website where you can code your own games or music with. There are many games recreated on scratch and it can help you create stuff if you want to try creating things online.

When working with the makey makey I learned that on the back you can also put wires on it for more keys or buttons. I learned that with Scratch , I could set different keys for different commands.

My audience is probably other students and parents. I think that they maybe need more games that are fun like the first Mario or stuff like that . A problem my user might struggle with is that the controls might be a little weird.

My inspiration to create a game is that there are not a lot of games like the original games so I wanted to create a game that was kinda like the original games because the original Mario and Donkey Kong games were fun.  I hope I am able to create a different game but make it like the Pac -Man and Mario and things.

Something that is challenging is the controller because we want to make a joystick but it will be hard to get the joystick to work as intended probably and create it because it has to touch the arrows when wanted.


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  1. Hey Billy! Thanks for the post! I like that you are looking to create an “original” game. I look forward to seeing how you overcome the joystick challenge.

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