Something that was hard during the in-class essay was trying to name specific literary techniques. I didn’t know the exact names of the technique so, sometimes, I just described it. As we didn’t have too much time, I made spelling mistakes in my essay. I’m pretty sure one of them was spelling “personal” as “personnal”. This was because I didn’t have time and rushed a bit. Also, since we had to use pens, when I made a spelling mistake and realized, I couldn’t just go back and change it as I would have to scribble out the entire sentence and that would have wasted too much time. Something I think I did alright on was connecting my points together, for example, I sort of used a central theme of children in the essay. Next time, I wish to double space, this is because if I make a grammatical or spelling mistake, I can write the correction underneath and just cross out the wrong word. Single spacing gives no room for error and if you do try to fix something, it starts looking very messy. I think I should practice and learn how to proofread during writing, this is so that I can fix things before I finish the entire sentence and therefore have to rewrite it which takes up space and time.