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OneDay Reflection

This OneDay I chose to do Food Reviews and it was fun I guess. I decided to do Food Reviews because i wanted to try different kinds of food and try to do food reviews. What did you do well? Something that I did well was maybe I wrote about how the food place’s aesthetic was and how authentic it was. Some of the food places were authentic and the food tasted good. Though some places seemed to be a little too big and the aesthetic wasn’t too good.

What did you learn? I learned how to make a food review I guess. I also learned how different looks of a place can change someone’s opinion on the place.  I also learned how to make a food review more descriptive and better. using more descriptive words can be better in a food review so that the reader or the person looking at your food reviews would know more about the place and how the food is.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? I didn’t really face any challenges because it was Food Reviews so I didn’t overcome anything. Why is OneDay important? OneDay is important because you get to do what you might want to do and people can know what they like to do.

Here is a picture



Food Reviews

For OneDay I chose to do Food Reviews because I wanted to try different foods. The first place we ate was at Pinnacle Plaza. It was a Hong Kong Breakfast place. There were noodles and other things like that

Here is a photo of it. The place seemed a little too big for the amount of people. The noodles were a bit oily. The sofa was pretty comfortable. The menu had different things and they were different kinds of meat for the noodles like ham, spam, and I think some others. There was a claw machine.

These are the noodles that they serve

This is one side of the menu

The second place was in Shine City and it was a Korean place. The food we had there were beef, pork, and some other stuff. Here are some pictures of the food and place. The place was called TanTanDaLu. The place was big and looked good. It was authentic with the utensils being things in Korea. The food was not bad and the sauce worked well with the meat. There aren’t really a lot of servings though.

The last place was a Japanese place called Kyo Sakura but i didn’t eat anything because I don’t like seafood and I wasn’t hungry. There was ramen and sushi and other things and it looked good. There was bit of a smell of smoking near the stairs and the place was also pretty authentic. The decor look kind of just slapped together quickly and wasn’t the best. Some things were expensive. Here is the only photo of this place.


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