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SciFi Final Piece

Once a greedy, spoiled ,rich civilian becomes a person who was thrown out of the city, poor and depressed. He searches for a new home while plotting against the greedy and villainous president and government. Forced into a small hole he searches desperately for food and water and a better shelter. He meets new people and soon tries to take down the government who is planning to get rid of people who are less privileged than themselves. He suffers by hearing about the deaths of his new friends and soon becomes the president for taking down the old president.

SciFi Final Thing 

Growing and Shrinking Eggs

My design is repeatable by another person because other people can see the 4 different eggs in different liquid and what the membrane might look like. I realised that the numbers on the eggs could have been a problem because if we got the eggs in the wrong container we would have got the wrong results for the egg because we can put egg 3 in egg 4 and the results for egg 3 would not match. An improvement that I would make if I would be doing this investigation is doing it with less eggs because with less amount of liquid we had basically gotten the same results and using the original amount of liquid. Additional information that I would like to collect to have me understand more about this phenomenon is to see if the time the leg is in the liquid affects the result.

First Model

Final Model

These 2 models connect because they both kind of show the eggs in the liquid and what they do. When I first watch the phenomenon, I thought that with less liquid it would get less small or less large. Key evidence indicated that I would not get less small or less large if we put in less liquid. Now, I believe that the egg is getting water inside and losing the matter in the corn syrup.

The egg is kind of like a cell because the nucleus is like the yolk the shell is the cell membrane and the egg white is the cytoplasm. The membrane is the one in the Final Model and it is like the one that keeps things that are too large out.


Data Table 2

Data Table 1

These are the Data Tables and Graphic

What? So What? Now What?

So What?

An issue is with water because in the video “Where We Get Our Fresh Water From” only 2.7 percent is usable and most of it is frozen. We will run out of water if we keep using it like this. Some people shower for so long while others don’t even have enough to drink. We need to think about how much water we use.

What Now?

I am going to try to spend less time brushing my teeth and showering so that I reduce the amount of water I use. I will also try to turn off the water faucet when I am not using it. People need to be more mindful of the water they use.

4 F’s

I forgot to save my initial draft and I was at the counsellor but I learned that I needed to make it more clear about the things. I changed the icons and colours.


This is the project. I could not take a picture so this is a PDF of it. This will show a table with pictures about Foragers,Farmers,Factories and the Future. There is an explanation at the bottom of the PDF.

Big Data Can Help Us

Have you ever wondered about how much data about you is surfing around the internet? Data shows that a lot of data on civilians are not used and only in case of an emergency. Companies that have your data most likely will not give it away if they are trusted and well known. Data can save lives of people by predicting what might happen but it’s only a prediction and it’s up to you if you choose to believe it. This article will argue that giving away our privacy will make our lives safer and easier because data will notify us if criminals are in our vicinity, with data we will make new innovations and data can recommend us new things. 

One reason Big data makes our lives easier and safer is because it will notify us if dangerous people are in our vicinity. For example, according to “Online Manhunt For Seat Stealing Man On Beijing-Bound Train” an article by The Beijiner. A person stole someone else’s seat and he was filmed and so he was put on a temporary blacklist from buying train tickets again. A commenter on Weibo said that “He has been exposed, netizens have scolded him, this will influence his life and his career.  This is why big data can help us stop these kinds of thefts and crimes. Second, research showed that in a video named “China The World’s Biggest Camera Surveillance Network-BBC News” a BBC worker went and tested the camera surveillance in China and it took 7 minutes for the cops to arrive which is quick. There were many cameras around the area to watch things happening but some people were not happy about it, they think that it makes them feel like they are being watched all the time but this is how to keep civilians safer. This means that we can stop crimes with this technology. We might even be able to predict when crimes are about to happen and save people. 

Another reason that Big Data makes our lives easier and safer is that most of today’s innovations relay on our data. One piece of evidence of this is that in the video “World Bank Innovation for The SDGs Using Big Data to Improve Lives” by World Bank posted on May 14 2018 showed that Big Data is helping people in poorer countries get more jobs and helping them to able to sustain themselves. People in poorer places won’t be in that much poverty if technology innovates and will have better lives for them and their whole generation.  Companies like apple will be able to innovate via your data telling them what was successful and what was not and then apple will incorporate the good thing in their next product and leave the bad thing out. Same with companies that make games, if a game has a bug in it with data the creators are able to fix it and let players have a better time. Things like products like pie or juice boxes, if the majority of the consumers have a negative reaction then the provider will slowly stop shipping those items and try to make thing that most people enjoy. 

The third reason that big data can keep our lives safer and easier is that companies with data can let you wait less because they will know what you like. One piece of evidence of this is that in China there was a KFC that could tell what you want just via facial recognition in a video named “China Embraces Facial Recognition” made by Wall Street Journey in June 27 2017. It showed that in China people could now what you want without knowing beforehand. Second, companies like YouTube and other social medias are letting you know what you want to watch which some people like it but other don’t and they recommend the thing it might not be what you like. Like on Youtube’s recommended screen it will figure out what you watch regularly and give you related content. 

Even though privacy is very important to a lot of people and think that their data is being put on the internet to be seen by people we don’t know but most trustable companies will not show your data to people without consent. The data can also help companies help protect your privacy by telling you if someone is trying to hack the website or your computer. There are browser add-ons that tell you what website are trying to look at your data made by the companies. So your data is won’t be used as much as you think. 

Big Data is all around us and can protect us from criminals help us create new innovations and recommend us things. We need to learn to enjoy the benefits of big data while keeping some of our privacy. Data can help us in ways we don’t know yet and protect our lives. Technology is becoming more advanced and can save lives and if we don’t keep up we might never get to experience the advanced technology via data. We don’t need to worry about technology becoming too advanced because the future is within our grasp as long as we use big data properly. 


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