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Project Make Something

Define and Inquire

For my Ignite Week project, I am making this scepter because it looked cool. I am trying to improve my crafting skills by making this. I was inspired by Odin Makes because he makes cool props from a range of franchises and I thought that was cool. I think this will be difficult because of the details on the staff part and I might have to layer foam on it.

Develop and Plan

Not a very good sketch but I will trace from a bigger picture.

I got my idea because I didn’t really have an idea so I just searched up Marvel props and just picked one that most people weren’t doing.

Snazzy Plastics: Reflect

Looking back on this project I learn how to create things with plastic and how to stick plastic together without glue. What I would do differently would be making the top lid more in the centre. I mistake I learned the most from was the lid placement. One skill I can use in the future would be to make things with plastic.  One thing I am proud of is the box sticking together without glue.

Express It: Create and Improve

Looking at my first and second prototype I noticed that both the opening mechanism both worked and opened well enough. One of the biggest challenges was putting the box together. I struggled to make the box open and close because I had to screw the thing in. After getting feedback I was able to just burn the plastic so that it stuck together. I took feedback from the teacher to improve in the sticking together of the box.

Express It: Develop and Plan

During this project I will need to use plastic and maybe a metal hinge to make it open. I will need to learn how to use plastic to create things and also how to change the things in the design. I plan to use Plastics and websites about creating stuff out of plastic to level up my skill.

I got my ideas from a small brainstorm but mostly just a random idea. I will test it by seeing if it opens or no and filling it with pens or pencils to make sure it will be big enough Below is a sketch of my design. I first made a cardboard copy then used plastic and metal hinges and screws to make the box open and close.

Here is the cardboard copy

Make It: Final Presentation

During  our Ignite Week project we made a game using scratch and makey makeys. The game had a controller that was a joystick and played like a top down game. We had 5 controls, 4 were the movement keys and 1 was the start button.

Looking back on this project I learned how to connect the makey makey to things around us and create stuff with it. Now that I know what I know now I would like to use more scratch because I did not do much scratch and was only working with the makey makey. The mistake I learned from the most was probably when the controller broke so I knew I had to make a controller that was larger and more sturdy. One skill that I can use in the future is that I can make stuff with the makey makey and not just use the intended tools. One thing that I am proud of is that creating a different controller that was kinda functional before it broke.


(This is the controller, the tissue box and an extra one is the egg cart thing.)

(This is the code we used on scratch.)

Make It: Create & Improve

(The joystick with 1 control.)

Is it fun?

Yes it is because it is not too hard but not easy.

Is it easy?

Not too easy but not too hard so it good.

Is the controller uncomfortable?

No but the controller should have more sensitivity so it can work better.

2 things I like are that the controller is different and the game is not too hard or not too easy. 2 things that can improve are the controllers sensitivity and the space of the controller. 2 priorities are the controller and the last level for the game.

Make It: Develop & Plan

In this project I will need to use scratch, a makey makey, wires, pencils, a stick, tape, a box and scissors. I will need to learn how to connect the wires to other conductors from the makey makey in order to create this controller. I plan to use the makey makey to help me improve my connection skills.

I got my ideas from doing a idea brainstorm thing on a white board. I will test my controller by going into a small game in scratch and testing the game with the joystick. I will test the game part with people from another group. Below is a sketch of my design.

(This is the materials photo)

Make It: Define & Inquire

 A makey makey is a device where you can connect wires to it to make it like a controller so that you don’t have to use the keyboard. It can be used to play music or play games with it.

Scratch is a website where you can code your own games or music with. There are many games recreated on scratch and it can help you create stuff if you want to try creating things online.

When working with the makey makey I learned that on the back you can also put wires on it for more keys or buttons. I learned that with Scratch , I could set different keys for different commands.

My audience is probably other students and parents. I think that they maybe need more games that are fun like the first Mario or stuff like that . A problem my user might struggle with is that the controls might be a little weird.

My inspiration to create a game is that there are not a lot of games like the original games so I wanted to create a game that was kinda like the original games because the original Mario and Donkey Kong games were fun.  I hope I am able to create a different game but make it like the Pac -Man and Mario and things.

Something that is challenging is the controller because we want to make a joystick but it will be hard to get the joystick to work as intended probably and create it because it has to touch the arrows when wanted.


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