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Snazzy Plastics: Reflect

Looking back on this project I learn how to create things with plastic and how to stick plastic together without glue. What I would do differently would be making the top lid more in the centre. I mistake I learned the most from was the lid placement. One skill I can use in the future would be to make things with plastic.  One thing I am proud of is the box sticking together without glue.

Express It: Create and Improve

Looking at my first and second prototype I noticed that both the opening mechanism both worked and opened well enough. One of the biggest challenges was putting the box together. I struggled to make the box open and close because I had to screw the thing in. After getting feedback I was able to just burn the plastic so that it stuck together. I took feedback from the teacher to improve in the sticking together of the box.

Express It: Develop and Plan

During this project I will need to use plastic and maybe a metal hinge to make it open. I will need to learn how to use plastic to create things and also how to change the things in the design. I plan to use Plastics and websites about creating stuff out of plastic to level up my skill.

I got my ideas from a small brainstorm but mostly just a random idea. I will test it by seeing if it opens or no and filling it with pens or pencils to make sure it will be big enough Below is a sketch of my design. I first made a cardboard copy then used plastic and metal hinges and screws to make the box open and close.

Here is the cardboard copy

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