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Blog Post 6: Collaborator

I am doing fine in compromising with my team. An area of growth could be encouraging others to share ideas or share more ideas myself. I am doing well in compromising with the team but need to improve encouragement and sharing out. I am doing well in compromising because when a few group mates weren’t working too well together, me and my other groupmate found out why and made a compromise and gave them 15 minutes to try to work together or we might contemplate switching partners. I think I need to improve sharing ideas because I didn’t really share my ideas and my group mates won’t know what I want to add or what my ideas are.

Blog Post 5: Prototype 2.0

Three things I learned from prototype version 2 were that the prototype was bigger than I expected and will cost a lot to make it. I learned there are different compartments and maybe the little part stuck to the wall may be too small. I also learned that there is now a place on top to put stuff when before in the sketch there was not. Two wonders I have are will people think this is too big and will the compartments be able to hold stuff or will it break if used by too much force? Maybe we can improve in adding more compartments in this prototype because right now there is a part where there is a lot of wasted space and so maybe we could add somethings there to make it look closer together and more compact.

Blog Post 4: Investors

One thing our business did was explain the main idea for our business. Another thing we did was speak in a professional manner. One piece of feedback is to work out the price for the item because it costs at least 60RMB to make it while people want to pay 30 to 50RMB. Another piece of feedback is that we could maybe show the dimensions in the sketch and show how we will make it.  Maybe we can change our charity to something else that fit better because our investor told us our first charity wasn’t that good

Blog Post 3: Team Intro

Our team name is either Organize-Nation or Shelv but probably the first one. Our mission statement is Organization For Your Own Education. Our group members are Max, Sola, Peter and Billy. The design team consists of Sola and Peter, Max does marketing and budgeting and I do the financial part.

Blog Post 2: Market Research

Our data from surveying people.

We learned that most people liked wood as the material more than any other material. People also liked the color blue the most. A wonder I have is would we get enough seed money from the investor and stuff the get acrylic because that stuff is expensive in the real world and this project. Something we need to improve is the design because prototype was made with acrylic.

Blog Post 1: Define Market and Initial Idea

Here is the prototype, It’s sideways though.

Here is the inspiration. It’s the drawer.

This is for people with like messy lockers maybe. They might not have space to put stuff. I think it’s going to be made with wood. It’s probably going to be the size of the place of on the top or bottom of the locker depending on if your locker is on the bottom or top.

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