“The Elevator” BEAT SHEET

The Elevator BEET SHEET (Christine)   ACT 1: The Set-up   BEAT   Description My film BEAT 1 The situation First thing the audience sees A black piece of fabric moving, with the sound of footsteps. BEAT 2 The Set-up Introduce Protagonist Zoom out from the protagonist’s back, he presses the elevator button, his phone […]

The Elevator Pre-production (March 26th)

During this block, my group and I tried out some new equipment such as a hand help stabilizer for the camera. We also took a lot of practice shots, trying all sorts of strange angles, camera movement, and lighting (inspired by Wes Anderson). We tried using a brighter natural light and changing the color during […]

The Elevator Pre-production (March 24th)

During Filmmaking today, my group and I worked on some experiment shots, more specifically when the elevator drops as well as the lighting. For the majority of the class, we worked on the techniques to show the elevator dropping. We tried getting the actor to drop down while moving the camera up, which looked similar […]

Evaluation on my 5-shot film

Success Criteria for my 5-shot film (Christine Huang)   Success Criteria Reason My critique of my showreel The shots follow the 5-shot requirements (ECU, CU, MS, OTS, interesting) The film must follow the 5-shot requirements in order to be a 5-shot film. My 5-shot follows the 5-shot requirements: ECU (on hands), CU (on the face, […]

Reading during CNY break

I finished the book Little Women and am almost done with the book A Skinful of Shadows. 4.7: Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, The Cemetary Boys, Little Women, A Skinful of Shadows (almost done). A Skinful of Shadows was most interesting to me because this book always had plot changes that I did not […]

The Circular Economy Introduction

Designing out waste and pollution resonated with me the most out of all three principles. Because studies have shown that the world generates more than 2.01 billion tonnes of solid waste annually, and worldwide, each day per person generates a range from 0.11 to 4.54 kilograms of waste. Waste can cause air pollution, climate change, […]

Inspiration for my Film

I want my film to focus on psychological horror. Inspired by The Shining, where the main character slowly drowns in his own hallucinations and becomes controlled. That is what I want to do with my film, where the main “monster” is themselves, their mind.