Monthly Archives for November 2018

My Custom Catchall

For Design Tech this year, our main assignment was to design and build a catchall. I made my catchall for myself. The biggest obstacle I’ve encountered during my project is making the nose of the cat. Initially, I tried to make it curved, but my attempts were futile, as the saw couldn’t change direction while […]

My Humanities Goal

Humanities consists of four different strands of learning. We were told to select one of these strands to improve on, and I chose to improve on my Speaking and Listening. I perform decently individually in the speaking and listening department, but I also wish to assist others in voicing their ideas. To achive this goal, […]

Humanities Student as a Learner Goal

Trimester 1 is coming to an end, and the time has come for us to begin reflecting on our progress this trimester and to set goals for the future. I sometimes get impatient when a group member asks too many questions and get snappy when this happens. This is why my goal is to try […]

My Greek Perspectives Thinglink project

One of the project we worked on during our unit on Ancient Greece was the “Greek Perspectives Thinglink”. We were told to create a interactive image in the tool Thinglink that detailed the views of the Ancient Greeks. In the project, we roleplayed as a time traveller who wound up in Ancient Greece and was […]

My Hero’s Journey Narrative

For Humanities class, we were tasked with writing a story that follows the “Hero’s Journey”- A pattern in stories that dictate how a tale unfolds (search it up if you don’t understand). We used the app “BookCreator” to put our story together. My story is about a man called Jager and his brother Stark. They […]

How I Help Nuture a Safe and Supportive Learning Community

One of the things I do to create a safe and supportive environment is staying on task. When asked to converse with my peers, I make sure to stay on topic and actually discuss the topic on hand instead, of derailing the conversation by discussing something irrelevant. Likewise, I don’t engage in non-academic activities while […]