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My Algebra Tutorial

Though this is more of a “watch a 12 year old ramble about a problem as he solves it” than a tutorial, here it is:

Christianity and is Influence on the Roman Empire

For Humanities, our latest assignment was to create a book concerning Christianity and its effects on Rome. I hope you have more fun reading this than I had when I was writing it. Christianity and The Roman Empire Click to read this book, made with Book Creator


I believe the paper straws that are in use by ISB’s cafeteria are beneficial for the environment. Below are the paper straws used. The plastic straws the cafeteria previously used would have taken a long time to break down, and when it did, it would leave behind minuscule shreds of plastic that would’ve contributed to […]

The Three Ancient Chinese Philosophies

This is my book on three major ancient philosophies in Ancient China: Daoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. The religion I chose was Daoism. My group members were Alex Domingo, who was responsible for Confucianism, and Michael Sakai, who was responsible for Buddhism. Religion and philosophy played a huge part in shaping the China we know today. […]