Timed Writing Diagnostic Reflection–March 4th 2021

“You have fifty minutes remaining.”

“WHAT?” “FIFTEEN?” came the cries of my classmates whose backs were to the clock on the wall.

“I think she meant fifteen…?” I ventured, praying that my classmates and I did not lapse into an unexpected hour-long coma.

“Five-zero,” Ms. Wang corrected. Cue the collective sighs of relief from the room. Yeah, I though to myself, how could a period of time that felt like half an hour actually be over an hour?

What felt like fifteen minutes later, forty minutes had passed and I had ten minutes to write half a body paragraph and a conclusion.

The biggest struggle I had with this timed writing diagnostic, besides being forced to use un-erasable pen and having to witness every single excruciating phrasing and spelling mistake I made, was choosing the right diction to describe the effects of the literary technique I had chosen to write about. Numerous were the minutes wasted agonizing over how to say “Thunberg uses comparisons and contrasts to guilt-trip rich tycoons” in an interesting, coherent, and appropriate manner. I had few issues identifying literary techniques being employed in the speech, at least I feel so- I have no way of knowing what details I may have missed. Regardless, I certainly identified enough techniques to fill three paragraphs, but the main issue was the “reasoning” section of my CER. Another part of my analysis I had trouble with was coming up with transitions that couldn’t be swapped out for 1, 2 and 3. I think this is due to the fact that the three techniques I chose to analyze had little relation to each other, making it hard to connect them together in a single sentence.

I do not know what specific parts of the essay I can improve on, and eagerly await feedback. I will practice whatever needs to be improved, but something I already know I can do better is planning. I will draw a table or something of the sort to organize my evidence for the different body paragraphs before writing so that I can structure my introduction and the rest of the essay better. While this will eat up time, I hope it will save time by allowing me to avoid having to think so hard about transitions.

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