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Revolutionary Journal Assigment 2: Cuban Boogaloo

Homero Chaves was a man that didn’t care about anything except for the security of his business and his only family, his son Audacto. It matter who was in power, or what other people were doing, as long as they didn’t take away his son or shop. But then the Cuban Revolution happened. Faced with […]

Off To See His Family

Anatoly Petrov is a man who has lost everything he ever cared about during the Russian Revolution. In the first entry, he is a naïve man marching for what he believes is right who learns of the Tsar’s cruelty after the events of Bloody Sunday. In the second entry, he is a brooding father whose […]

The Gloves Are Off: An Interactive Map of the Legation Quarter about the Boxer Rebellion

Did the Boxers deserve a bad rap? No matter how patriotic their intentions, The Boxers were unjustified in starting the Boxer Rebellion and their actions during the war were also morally wrong, for a number of reasons. Firstly, the Boxers’ reasons for beginning the war were misguided. They mistakenly connected the droughts and economic hardship […]

Capitalism Works

Image courtesy of Goodreads When people say capitalism, you usually think of a free market and meritocracy. But what about capitalism taken to the extreme? Proxy, a novel by Alexander London, takes place in the future, in a post-disaster Earth where natural disasters have ruined much of the planets ecosystem. In the city that our […]

Honor Thy Mother

Vivian Wu portrays the shunned mother in the film adaptation of “Joy Luck Club” Is a mother who left her family to become a concubine worthy of redemption? In Joy Luck Club, a novel by the Chinese American author Amy Tan, An Mei Hsu’s mother became the third wife of a wealthy man after the death of […]

Confounded Conflict

This found poem was pieced together from the words of the fourth page of “The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant”, a short story by W.D. Wetherell. During the rising action, the unnamed protagonist unintentionally snags a humongous largemouth bass while on a canoe with Sheila Mant, the girl he is on a date with and who […]