Russian Revolution Video Diary

This is my video Diary:

In this video diary, the main character’s name is Aleksandr Breshkovsky and he is a member of the Bolsheviks and fights at the civil war. In this diary, it tells about his horrible dream. He felt afraid that something bad thing will happen later of 1924. So, he makes a video diary to show to his people. but he needs to take the danger. And also in this video, I Intentionally stutter my voice because when he shows this video to his people, then Stalin will kill him. and also he was sad that Lenin dies so he can’t speak well.

This main character, after the success of the October 1917 Russian Revolution, the more and more follows Bolsheviks and makes a lot of people to join Bolsheviks. He was affected a lot in his personality. Back in 1905, he was a weak person. He cannot speak to the person well, and he was very introvert. But after he loses both parents in 1905, he slowly changes. And finally, in 1917, he can speak well, he got a strong voice, and speak well.  later, in 1923, I didn’t mention, but he became the general of the red army.   

I think the Russian Revolution is a very big change and it is worth it. I think people should be proud of that. Because of the Russian Revolution, it changes a slot of things in the world. Fighting against Autocracy gives other country opposition, makes people into one and makes people how to fight against big things even it is biggerAnd, it makes Russia one of the strongest, and biggest countries during the 20th century.  


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Robotics and Coding Reflection Process

I used to think coding would be a lot easier compare to the robotic session. because what we just need to do is, sit down at the chair, search about coding that I want to make, and start coding. But now I think coding is the hardest unit I every met. One of the reasons was it is hard to follow the others. Every weekend, I used my time on searching how to code. But I don’t know how to do it. If I did same thing, it was not working. Also, I think my understanding was hard to follow the unit. What I need to do was asking teacher about problem that I have, being selfish makes my hole app worse. But still if I can, I want to learn more about coding and make app that will be helpful to others.

When I first saw my cousin sister start doing guitar at the 6th grade, she was pretty good at guitar. And someday she told me she will start the band. But when I saw her band practice video that she took by herself was, she cannot follow her group member. I don’t know it is group problem, or my sister is just cannot follow them I was pretty sure she needs help. when I heard we will make an app to the client, I chose my client to my sister. I was sure if there is a beat, then it is much easier to play music. also, she has a problem that she can’t stay at the stage because she is afraid, she will mass up the whole song. What I trying to make was, gives a random beat, so she can work on easier and makes her adapt in experience. then she will get confidence, so she can play her guitar joyfully.

For the app design, what I was trying to make was, at the middle there is rectangular space that shows pictures of beats that playing right know, and two buttons at the bottom of the rectangular space. Actually, what I was trying to make was the shape of circle, but size of the picture does not match with circle space, so I changed to rectangular shape. At the bottom, there are two buttons, which is Stop, and Start button. So, when I press the start button, the beats will come out randomly. Adding to this design, when I press the start button, the picture will also change randomly with same beat and same beats of the picture. And chose the simple design will easy to operate and did not distract the player. This means, if the app design is complicated, then the players should use their both hand which is the worst situation to the instrument player. Design must help my sister adapt in experience what I said at the 2nd paragraph.

The quality and the function of the app is very important to make app to work. First talk about functioning of the app. The functioning of my app, there is nothing really special. It is just a simple coding. For example, if I code ‘when start button is click’ and then ‘shows the 60~160bmp png’ ‘call sound 1 to play’ like this. It is so simple, and easy to make but also it is also easy to make an error. And this impacts the quality of the app. When the app makes the error, then it shows the quality of the app is not really good, and it also shows this app is incomplete app. But I can say the quality of the music and picture is good. Actually, what it needs is to adapt in experience, so what it really need is only the music. But I know that even if you want music, you shouldn’t design poorly.

Lastly it is the strength and the weakness of my app. First the strength of my app is, it can help adapt in experience. what I said before, this app is to for my sister who is very afraid of mass up the whole song. The main reason is to help her try not to be afraid to mess up the song. So, what it needs for massing up is, experience and reason it is massing up is, it is afraid of standing. This app changes beat randomly so it will quick on adapting on standing at the stage that it is one of the experience. but on the contrary, there is also weakness. The biggest problem is the app need limited phone which is android. But what my sister is using is iPhone. This is one weakness, but also there is also another weakness. Which is, sometimes picture and beats are not came out at the same time. This mean the picture and the music is not matching sometimes. But it is just a coding problem so it can be fixed.




Resolution: Making a Collage “The War that Saved My Life” by Kimberly Bradley

The historical fiction The War that Saved My Life by Kimberly Bradley, takes place in England during the WWII. The main characters Ada and Jamie runs away from their mom who abused them. They got into the evacuee train for children and end up living with Susan. Ada had club foot, and Jamie was unintelligent and rude.  Susan did not have experience of raising children, and the children were not educated.  They did not know their first name, birthday, age, and they did not know how to behave to others.  As story goes by all them learn from each other.


The artwork I made for this book is collage of picture and symbols that represents the story. The first picture is broken heart.  This shows broken relationship between Ada and Jamie with their mom.  Ada was never treated as a daughter in the family. Mother called her “a monster, with that ugly foot” (pg.4), “nobbut a disgrace” (pg.4). She had no interest in Ada, and never took care of her.  The second picture, which is a person sitting alone shows how Ada was at home.  She was never allowed to go out from her apartment.  She was lonely, isolated, alone.  The only people she was allowed to talk was her mom and Jamie.  The third picture of the woman represents the freedom.  When Ada and Jamie were staying with Susan, they were able to do whatever wanted.  They ate good food, took bath, sleeping in soft beds, new clothes, meet with dentists, riding horse Butter.  For the first time, Ada was free to go out from the house whenever she wanted.


The fourth picture of horse represents Butter, a racing horse left behind from Susan’s best friend when she passed away.  Before arrival of Ada and Jamie into the house, Susan was also mentally unstable.  Ada who has clubfoot, loved to ride Butter.  Although she fails to ride in the first practice, she never gave up.  For her, Butter was hope.


The fifth picture of mom and son hugging each other represents the true family.  Ada and Jamie never experienced what family really is.  Susan also forgot the feeling of family (Spoiler Alert!) ever since her best friend died.  With time and understanding, they become more like family than any real family relationship.  “I(Ada) sat on the sofa with Miss Smith (Susan)’s arm around me, and Jamie breathing soft near my shoulder, and I attached the coal fire flicker, and I stayed right there, right there in that room, and none of us moved for half an hour”(pg. 141). This quote shows how the bond between the character have changed and became so strong that they do not have talk but understand each other, just like how family would do.


The last picture in the middle with heart and two girls hugging shows (Spoiler Alert!) why the title is The War That Saved My Life.  In the middle of the story, children’s mom comes and take the children away to London, back to the apartment.  There, they were still treated the same way before their escape.  Later (Spoiler Alert!), Susan comes and take the children back to her house.  However (Spoiler Alert!) when Susan was away, Germans have bombed her house.  So, if Susan did not go find the children, then she also would have gotten killed.  The story ends with two saving of the war, which is saving Ada and Jamie from abusing mom, and Susan from bombing and depression from death of her best friend.  At the end, the book ends by saying “It left like the ocean, like sunlight, like horses. Like love. I searched my mind and found the name for it. Joy. “So now we’re even,” I (Ada) said” (pg.316). This shows how both characters find each other as savior of life.

Did the Boxers Deserve a Bad Rap?

The boxer should not deserve a bad rap. when American missionaries were able in china, they start doing the things they are trying to do in china. The Americans get interior provinces in china, bring diplomatic officials and sell goods. The original Making Chinese to a better people by converting them to Christians Exemplified American lifestyle. This was not original goal, but since they believed American products were the best, they became front people for American exporters and American businessmen. So, Chinese saw American missionaries as businessmen that Westernize their particular society Showing the whole cutting edge (new) lifestyle of U.S & products. Later, they are Boxers everywhere. And Boxers start stole foreigners’ things, many Christian settlements were spoiled and destroyed and thousands of Christian Chinese getting killed. I think Boxers should not deserve a bad rap. Because every people & country get shock with the new things. That is common things that happen every time. We can all understand. But china was “Bigger” shocking then others.  We can call this in other word ‘stereotype’. In the past, the china hates other religions such as Christianity. Because at that time, people believe ‘The king is god, and the word you speak is law’. So, chinese were hate that kind of religions. Example, Korea is one of the countries that also hates other religion. They also killed foreigner same as China. People are afraid about their life will be changed. Also, they believed other then their own king, the outside things make them bad. so i think it was just a misunderstood about the view of culture

Padding Zoo Reflection by Edward Kim (Team: Joy Kim)


The most difficult aspect was to form the body because of the angle and connecting the servo and the body together. Even though there were tough moment, but there were also enjoyable moments, the best of the best was cooperation, because working together helped each other a lot, also sharing ideas is one of the enjoyable causes of this project.  The thing what I did well is making it successful which is making a great explanation to first graders. Explaining to first graders made us satisfied. The thing what I want to make it different is the color of our robot, because I didn’t mean to make it like penguin, but our color, everyone asked that this is a penguin or not. Also, if I can, I want to improve our coding skills to improve our robot, also, I thought I have to spend more time to make it more successful. Overall, it is very satisfying to both of us, I would like to maintain or make it better things what did I do well, ad improve what can I make it better.


What I learned from the physical active which is building a robot was we need to use our brain (math?). because my group’s robot was a bird. Bird is hard to make of the round shape. my friend and I was really confused of the measure the bird’s head and body. We really used a lot of math but still the robot was not complete. I think use too much time on modeling was little bit unfortunate. While I was programing, I learned about coding was much harder job? that I thought. I can say coding was the hardest job while I was making robot. Because I need to measure angle really careful or the robot can make strange way. If there is other chance to make this robot, I want to learn more about coding so my robot can move softly.

And here is video


A Midsummer Night’s Dream Magazine Cover

For my magazine cover, I chose Theseus from Mid Summer Night’s Dream. I think Theseus is harsh, traditional person who wants peace. There are two reasons that support these ideas.


First, Theseus is really harsh man. Because look at the line 48, it says “To you your father should be as a god”. This line show that Theseus is really traditional man and harsh person, because he has no mercy while he is judging other people. He believes all the sons and daughters should obey their father and do what he says. in line 65, it also shows that Theseus is a traditional man trusting rules must be followed. He says “either choose Demetrious or die the death or to adjure forever the society of men.” This is one of the Athens’ marriage laws and he believe it must be followed even for death. It is very different then currents times, because even if father or mother does not like the man or women their child wants to marry, they would not consider killing their own child just because they want to marry someone that they don’t like.


Second, Theseus is the person that loves energy. At the line 12 and 14 in beginning of the play, they say “Stir up the Athenian youth to merriments…Turn melancholy forth to funerals” which means Theseus is really ready for this marriage with Hippolyta. He is exited with marrying with her. Before fighting between Egeus and Lysander, he was in a peace. But after they came to ask Theseus for who should Hermia marry, he became strict and cold because he is the king of the empire. I think Theseus is originally peaceful person.


Other character think Theseus is a really wise, traditional and power person like King Solomon.  When Egeus went to Theseus for marriage trial, he said “Happy be Theseus, our renowned Duke!” showing respect and loyalty toward Theseus.


The reason why I chose a photo of a person looking cold and angry is because when Theseus is in trial of marriage conflict between true love or compulsion love, he was too traditional that it was cold and cruel.


The name of the magazine is “ROMAN TIMES” which was copied from Time magazine.  I chose Time magazine cover because design of the magazine is simple and sharp that is ‘eye-catching’.  Also front cover photo of Time Magazine is always the most powerful, famous and influential people such as President Trump, Jay-z, Dwayne Johnson and Martin Luther King JR. Also for the date ‘9th B.C. NOV’ was because 9th B.C. was the time when the real history happened.



The Things They Carried – fiction but factual about the Vietnam War (Characterization)

The historical fiction The Things They Carried by Time O’Brien takes place in Vietnam during The Vietnam War in 1955 ~ 1975.  The book is written in third person point of view, story about normal soldier Lieutenant Jimmy Cross in the war. Lieutenant Cross was platoon leader and his “responsibility for the lives of his men” (pg.5) Lieutenant Cross and his soldier are in Dang Keh, everyday “he would dig foxhole, wash his hands under a canteen(pg.1)”.  In war zone, the only joy in his life is “unwrap(ing) the letters, hold(ing) them with the tips of his fingers(pg.1).  Those are the letters from Martha, who he loves and is in USA.  Everyday Lieutenant Cross thinks about her.  While they were in a mission, his man Lavender got shot and died. Another his man Kiowa who saw it happened, said “it was like watching a rock fall” (pg.6).  However, Lieutenant thought it was all because of him. He thought “Lavender was dead because he loved her (Martha) so much and could not stop thinking about her” (pg.6).


The story continues to view Lieutenant Cross’s conflict of his love and his men.  He starts to lose concentration on missions, and only thinking about Martha.


Even though the book itself is fiction, the elements inside the book are real.  The author describes the weapons and what American soldiers carried very vividly, such as “a machine gunner Henry Dobbins carried the M-60, which weighted 23 pounds unloaded, but which was almost always loaded. In addition, Dobbins carried between 10 and 15 pounds of ammunition draped in belts across his chest and shoulders”. (pg.5)


I would highly recommend this book to those who loves wars or military realistic stories.  Previous reviewed book The Winter War: A Novel by William Durbin had more fictional element into it, because Durbin created its own city in Finland.

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Exposition of Independent Reading Novel: The Winter War a Novel

The historical fiction book The Winter War: A Novel written by William Durbin is about reformation of The Winter War between USSR and Finland in 1939 to 1940.  Durbin created an imaginary city called Virtalinna in the front line of Finland on boarder of USSR.  He was addressing the story from a boy from the town named Marko. Marko is from poor family and has polio. He recently lost his best friend Johan from a bomb raid by USSR. His father had been called up to the frontline to protect the country. Marko being the first child is responsible for his family. The people in town Virtalinna, scared of another raid from USSR.  Through the setting and conflict of the book, Durbin wanted to emphasize cruelty of Joseph Stalin and USSR troops at that time.

In the city of Virtalinna, Marko and Johan were peacefully “taking their turn as the sky watcher (pg.6)”. Then the heard the sound of Russian DB-3 bomber (bombing airplane).  After the sudden attack, “a brick wall was riddled with pieces of shrapnel, and wooden shingles littered the street” and even “vegetables, straw, baskets of eggs, milk cans, bolts of cloth, and weaving materials were scattered everywhere (pg.10)”.  This shows how the raid was unthought of from Finland, and Stalin showed no mercy to citizens in Finland.

The similar effect of Stalin on Finland is shown by the conflict between the two countries – Finland and USSR.  Historically “Russia promised independence of Finland in 1917 when they got rid of their czar (pg.18)”. However, In the story it says “But Russian never liked the idea of a free Finland.  IT was only a matter of time before they made up an excuse to start a war. (pg.18)” This information shows how “black heart” Stalin was, because he was never going to give freedom to Finish people from wars.  Stalin also “fired artillery on their own troops and blamed on Finland (pg.29)”, showing cruelty even to his own man in order to start a war.


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