1. shape/line: it has two shapes that are separated each other from of rectangle, that also can the line

2.shape: there is one small square at the right side the white square

3.pattern: Small lines spread freely. The lines are not drawn neatly.

4. line/pattern: The white line and black lines are labeled like crosswalks.

5.line/shape: Black vertical lines divide the white background into 3 parts that look like 3 blocks of white rectangles are lined up sideways.

6.shape: There is one circle in the middle alone

7.pattern line shape: There are one horizontal line and two black vertical lines.

8. shape pattern: There are 25 circles lined up straight.

9. line pattern: There are many congruent squares that look like a net.

10. line: The black diagonal line looks like the sense of movement.

11. line: it has a vertical line that makes the picture magnificent which looks like looking at a long road or extremely high tower that cannot see the end of it.

12. line pattern: It looks like coarse fabric or print from a broken printer.

(can able to unload picture inside my blog)


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