Contact Sheet SET 1




first image:

For the first Red-colored photo, the focus was absolutely out so, from the perspective of the viewer, it is not sure where to put their eyes on. As adding to that, the light splits the photo diagonally, the photo is divided into where the light is and where it is not. From the standpoint of seeing this, it is not possible to know which part the photographer who took the photo focused on, and it is an irritating point.


second image:

The second red image, it is better than the first red image because the whole picture was taken dark, and the sunlight from the left was also talent naturally. However, this photo also cannot find the focus of the photo because the building is divided into three, and if it were aiming at the 90-degree corner between the building and the building, it should have moved to the right.


third image:

The final red picture, Unlike the two pictures above, this time the whole picture is completely bright, and you can see that the pillars occupy most of the picture. However, if the pillars were the main purpose, then the angles and locations where there are more pillars should have been decided.

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