Contact Sheet SET 2

Red 1

Red 2

Red 3


I think the first photo shows the grandeur of the building using the angle of the camera. However, on the contrary, due to the angle of the camera, the shadows cast on the building are very noticeable, and even a part of the building in the left corner is annoying.

The second picture was taken on a rainy day, and this also helps the texture of the building, but the symmetry of the buildings on both sides taken from the bridge is not correct, and the streetlight on the left obscures the building, which is also a very regrettable part.

Finally, in the third picture, the mirror between the pillars reflects the pillars to create a deep passage-like direction. However, the image of the person who took the picture was also taken in the mirror, and if, the photographer tried to create a more aisle-like tunnel, then the buildings next to the pillars would rather interfere, and it would have been better if it was taken closer and darker.


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