Contact Sheet 3


Red Images:

In the First Red picture, it used one of Ola Kolehmainen’s technique, taking picture of a building that is reflected by a window, but it is similarly implemented, but Ola Kolehmainen took a building that is reflected from the front (?), and it would not be good because the photos I took also illuminate the lights inside the building.

The following picture also took a building reflected in the mirror, and this part was good, but the angle was skewed. Unlike the Ola Kolehmainen photo, the glass has a lot of hardware, so the reflective area of the building is narrowed, and the trees photographed together are too uncomfortable.

The last picture was taken to use the reflection of the glass attached to the railing of the stairs. The new challenge was good, but the amount of reflection was too little, and I’m not sure where to focus.

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