A portrait is a picture or photograph that expresses the appearance of a specific person or subject. And I believe that subjects can also be portrait based on my definition. However, when the subject of the portrait changed to a person, then that is slightly different. if a person became the main subject of the portrait, there should not be other unnecessary elements in the portrait, which means, there should not be people or subjects other than the main person in the portrait, and it is composed only of the main person. Moreover, I personally believe that makes good portrait is quality light/shadow, and sharp eyes.

Thrre are few other techniques such as close-up hand, of blurred figure, but the reason why i chose these two techniques is that it shows strong personality. For example, brightness of the lights creates mood and sharp eyes give strong impression to the face. And the portrait of a strong impression is strongly attracted without even knowing it. Mahesh Balasubramanian’s “Divine Makeup”, for example, the girl with blue makeup that covered her whole face and aggressive and sharp eyes overwhelmingly highlight the child’s presence.

Divine Makeup. Photographer Balasubramanian Mahesh


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