PE Mental Health Summative

A) Describe how you feel and act when your mental health is thriving in the Green Zone. (Don’t just say ‘normal’ – what does that look like? What does it feel like?)

When a person or specifically me, is mentally in the green zone, it means that both physically and mentally I am in a calm and stable condition. Being in the green zone really means that a person like me feels positive, confident, empowered, and in control of their expression/feeling.

B) What are some tech habits and strategies that are keeping you thriving in the Green Zone? Describe them in detail. Also include people who help you with this. How else does using technology have a positive effect on your well-being?

Tech habits and strategies are essential at keeping a person inside one’s green zone, it is crucial at maintaining good overall mental health for the long term. Some strategies and habits that I employ are taking breaks every 45min, making sure I go outside every day, have sufficient exercise and have fun after work is finished. It could be hard maintaining these habits so I have my mom to watch and remind me to exercise these habits. Technology can lift up your spirits by giving you entertainment like video games, movies, communication with friends, shows, and E-book.

C) Think about your tech use and habits (social media and/or gaming and/or E-learning). What are the triggers/challenges that take you out of thriving in the Green Zone and into the unsettled/struggling feelings of the Yellow/Orange Zones? Use what you know about the brain, sleep and the effects of tech on mental health as you answer this question.

It could be quite stressful and hard to keep yourself inside the green zone, sometimes it’s just overwhelming and tips you off into the more unsettling and stressful orange zone. This usually happens to me when I am overwhelmed by schoolwork, or just generally having problems at home or school. A lack of good sleep and technology’s negative effect on my sleep could also just tip me over into the orange zone.

D) Describe how you feel and act when you are unsettled or struggling in the Yellow/Orange Zones.

The orange/yellow zone is often a measurement that you don’t want your mental health to fit in, but sometimes you sadly do tip over. What it feels like being in the orange/yellow zone is more aligned to taking a test, you will feel distressed, overwhelmed, irritable and impulsive. Being in the orange/yellow zone can also make someone more impatient and more prone to anger.

E) What are some strategies that you have used to help you get back to the Green Zone? Describe a time when you have used it. Or, if you currently don’t have any strategies, think about the Mindfulness strategies from the previous post. Describe a time when you could have used one of those strategies or habits and how it would have made you feel. Also include people who could help you with this.

It could be hard to get back to the Green zone at times. What I found useful for me to come back to the green zone might not work for you, but keep this as a suggestion. When I’m trying to leave the orange/yellow zone I will first take a break from everything and just rest for a few minutes, if this doesn’t really help I will watch a movie and just get my relax my mind.

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