The Mother of all Revolutions

The mother of All Revolutions

Delacroix, Liberty Leading the People

The French Revolution, the revolution that everyone had to study, ever wondered why? Well, you came to the right place. Here something that you might have not realized, the French revolution is the most groundbreaking political historic event in western history since the founding of governments, it revolutionized what people perceive a government could be and what a government is. It was truly the first modern revolution, not a king killing another king, ordinary people rose up and toppled the once great French monarch. We can see the traces of the French revolution in many later revolutions. The Russian Revolution and the Chinese Revolution all started with good intentions but all of them, like the French Revolution, failed in their original intent. If you want to decide for yourself if the French Revolution was the mother of all revolutions then watch the video.

The French Revolution, Hero or Villain, Napoleon.

Napoleon is undoubtedly one of the most controversial character in not only French history but the world as well. Some people would gladly see Napoleon being remembered as a villain, an enemy, and a tyrant, but that is far from the truth. To really understand what Napoleon should be remembered as you must look at him from a French perspective, look at what came before him and look at what he accomplished.

The most overlooked accomplishment that Napoleon achieved is something you wouldn’t really know if you haven’t studied the french revolution, bring an end to the chaotic aftermath of the French Revolution. After the execution of Louis XVI France entered a terrifying time for the peasants, in just 10 years four different governments ruled France and during which Maximilien Robespierre killed thousands in the name of public safety. In these 10 years, there was no stability, France was fighting and losing wars to its neighbors, and the government was too entrenched in fighting each other to implement any real changes, all the while the economy was on a terrible downward spiral. Here is where Napoleon comes in, he overthrows the failing system and ensures there are stability and order inside France, which make him popular with the masses. He also was able to fend off the foreign attackers like Austria and create a strong central government to ensure he does not repeat what his predecessors did.

Napoleon not only brought stability in the government to France but also prosperity and glory. Under Napoleon’s rule, France was able to conquer the majority of Europe and bring not only glory but also prosperity to France. Through steeling and ravaging other countries Napoleon was able to reinstall France to prosperity on a level never seen before, this period of time was considered a golden age of France.

Napoleon was able to bring prosperity to France not only using war but also making reforms that paved the way for modernization and the implementation of standardization. The French economy boomed under Napoleon, he standardized the banking system, streamlined how people make transactions across France and paved the way for future modernization and growth. Napoleon was also able to standardize the measurement system specifically the metric system across France and Europe.

Another area of which Napoleon greatly improved was education and Science across the European continent. Napoleon was able to create a modern education system for France; he backed the creation of Lycées or high school and promoted the study of science by creating specialized schools.

Napoleon is someone that will always be fiercely debated, but one thing is certain he was a hero to France. Napoleon is a person that had a long-lasting impact on world history as much as someone like Julius Caesar, his action defined European history for almost an entire century. He reshaped what people previously thought of warfare, the wars he waged defined the political landscape in Europe which we can still feel today. Because of him, Europe had a relatively long period of peace until WWI, during which the industrial revolution took place. In many ways, he was like Julius Caesar, a leader who brought Europe at it kneels, a leader who redefined his time.


Russian Revolution #3 Journal


To really understand my video diary you will have to read this paragraph first. The character in this video diary is called maxim, he was a revolutionary that participated in the November revolution and later became a politician in the new government. Unfortunately, he was falsely accused of assassination and was sent to Siberia where he is making this video diary.

From a current perspective, the Russian revolution was a complete total waste of life. The Russian revolution was supposed to not only give power to the people but also create a more fair and free society, none of the goals were achieved. If you look at Russia post-revolution you will find that Russia as a country progressed much faster than the quality of life for its citizens and in some ways, life under the new communist system was even worse than under the Tsar. The book Animal Farm’s ending really summed up what the Russian revolution ended with, a government that started with a good cause but eventually just turned into another tyrannical government deceiving its society into submission. Looking at the Russian Revolution as a whole you can clearly see that the peasants are those who suffered the most and did not receive any improvement for supporting the revolution, at the end of the day after every big power struggle it’s the everyday people who suffer the most. You can also spot other countries with a similar path like Russia, most notably China. In the end, the Russian Revolution achieved little of its original goal, improvement for the everyday worker. Therefore it should be stated that the Russian revolution was just a big pointless power struggle.

Robotics and Coding Reflection

During the semester of robotics and Coding, I have learned a lot but more importantly, my thinking has dramatically changed. I used to think that building and designing something is relatively easy nut now I think that designing and the building is a very long and complicated process and requires perseverance to push through with the project.

The need for a solution is for people in 8th-grade wanting to practice their skills of solving system of equations and normal two-step algebra equations. This solution has a wide range of customers from 6th graders all the way up to 8th graders, as the practicality of being able to quickly solve equations is very valuable.

I chose to go with a one-page layout rather than a multi-page layout because of it being easier to navigate and it overall being more of an elegant design.

The quality of an app is essential to its the amount of usage, and I believe even though my app currently does not function as I intended it to be with minor tweaks and addition it will be a very appealing package overall

Every App has it’s strength and weakness, I would consider the main weakness of my app is it’s not flexible. Now let me explain, my app is a math practice app, so problems in the app is crucial for the overall package. The problem with that is when you want to add a problem to the app, you have to add the problem manualy into the code which is very time costly. More importantly it can’t generate solve the problems on it self, the problems have to be already solved and ready to go

The mockingJay

The Hunger games remain to be one of the most influential book series of the 21st century, in the series last book the Mocking Jay many issues of our current society can be vividly seen in its lines. As the Hunger Games final and most climatic book, the Mockingjay and the entire series can be interpreted in a wide array of angles but there is one angle of interpretation that is often ignored and not talked about. That is the idea that the most effective weapon to take control of a population is media, and often the good and bad uses the media as a mask to deceive the people in order to win support. In a world like this, who is the good guy?

[spoiler alert! This might spoil the ending to the Mockingjay for you}

Now using the idea of the hunger games is a war of media and deception, I redesigned my own Mockingjay book cover. The biggest change, of course, is the cover picture. Now you might think that it is outlandish to choose such an unusual picture as the cover photo for The Mockingjay, but in fact, it closely reflects a theme that has been happening throughout the story. The power of media and its ability to deceive people. In Chapter 26, Page369, President Coin proposing that a last symbolic hunger Games are to be held, “What has been proposed is that in lieu of eliminating the entire Capitol population, we have a final, symbolic Hunger Games, using the children directly related to those who held the most power.” From this, we can infer that president Coin, a character who on national television condemned the hunger games and the governing of president snow, wanted to replace the capital and create her own tyrannical government. More importantly on chapter 22 page357, “My failure,” says Snow, “was being so slow to grasp Coin’s plan. To let the Capitol and districts destroy one another, and then step in to take power with Thirteen barely scratched. Make no mistake, she was intending to take my place right from the beginning. I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, it was Thirteen that started the rebellion that led to the Dark Days, and then abandoned the rest of the districts when the tide turned against it. But I wasn’t watching Coin. I was watching you, Mockingjay. And you were watching me. I’m afraid we have both been played for fools.” This Furthermore strengthened the idea that president Coin, who from the beginning seemed to be on the side of freedom and democracy was actually trying to use the rebellion to build her own tyrannical government. Thus making the conflict of the Mockingjay and the entire hunger games series even more complex, from the first and second books, Man vs society, man vs Government, to the third book’s Man vs Man. The surprise reveal of president Coin’s true intension after the climax was the reason that I chose a mask as the cover photo, the mask represented good but what lies underneath you don’t really know. The second thing that should stand out on the book cover is where it reads “the greatest weapon of all, the power of media”, I chose to include this is because this was a theme that people miss out on. Straight from the beginning, we learn that the hunger game is not just a television show for entertainment purposes but rather a way of inserting fear to control the 12 districts of Panem, and the story of Mockingjay tells us what propaganda can do. In the falling action, there is much evidence that media was the key to the success of the rebellion. “You’re going to be as useful to the war effort as possible,” Plutarch says. “And it’s just been decided that you are of most value on television. Just look at the effect Katniss had running around in that Mockingjay suit. Turned the whole rebellion around. Do you notice how she’s the only one not complaining? It’s because she understands the power of that screen.” Quote Plutarch Heavensbee, pg. 257. All in all, the resolution part of the Mockingjay really gives a well-deserved ending to the book, it leaves the reader thinking about how the ideas of the book relate to their own life. It is truly a great way to end a series so influential as the Hunger Games.

learn more about the author here Suzane Collins

Boxer Rebellion


Does the Boxer Rebellion deserve a bad reputation?

In short, yes, the Boxer does deserve to be remembered as a horrific chapter in Chinese history. There’s a catch, it depends on which point of view you’re looking from, if you look at this entire movement from a Chinese standpoint you will realize that the boxer Rebellion was not as bad as some would say and didn’t deserve to be remembered as a Chinese holocaust. I’m taking the other side, Boxer’s didn’t deserve a bad reputation.

The Boxer rebellion was such an important chapter in Chinese History because it not only marked the beginning of the end for the qing dynasty it also marked many firsts in Chinese history. Yes, the Boxers did kill foreigners but not a lot. When the Boxer’s besieged the legation quarters they had a 55-day opportunity to go in and massacre all of the foreigners and Christians in the area, but they didn’t, they held off and even gave food and water supply to the besieged legations. During the entire movement, only 231 foreigners were killed and the majority of the casualty was Chinese Christians. Though the boxer movement was one of china’s many movements that were organized by farmers, it was the first movement that wanted to change China as a country for the better, not for power. More importantly, it was the first patriotic movement ever in china, every farmer uprising before the boxer rebellion was to revolt and change the dynasty but this time it was patriotic. This marked the beginning of a new era of China, it marked that people living in china now have a sense that they are Chinese, not a subject of the Qing dynasty. This failed revolution was the marking point between the imperial dynasty china and modern society. The birth of every modern nation requires the birth of nationalism and nationalism begin to rise in China when the Boxer rebellion started. Look at every other revolution in world history, the French revolution, Britain’s Glorius revolution, the US’s independent war all took thousand of lives but they all have something in common. Nationalism was born through the revolution, and it helped the countries achieve any great feet. In the end, the boxer rebellion was crucial to Chinese history as it was the moment that nationalism was born in China, and after 100 years it’s effect still echoes the wall of Beijing.

Side note+Intresting fact

In Chinese history books, the boxer rebellion is considered a nationalist movement with good intentions but was mislead by the Qing government.

There has been a fierce debate in china between pro boxers and anti boxers, but the Chinese government put an end to this debate when they updated the history book.

The Chinese history book has been used to spread pro-government thinking since china’s education system begun.

Boxer’s reputation in China has swayed back and forth between good or bad for a long time, and the government always had a strong influence in the saying.