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Independent reading update (FAHRENHEIT 451 P50)

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is a book that can often inspire the reader to question and to think about the ideas and meaning of letters on a page. Though the world Montag lives in seems far-fetched, we can not help but fear the reality in which we live in now. Fahrenheit is a short yet thought-provoking book, the underlining meaning is really not that hard. It is simply asking us when is truth the truth?

Misbehaving by Richard H.Thaler Page#181

Misbehaving by Richard H.Thaler is a fascinating piece of writing. For me, this book blends economics, which can be really boring, with fun, trivial facts, social experiments, and jokes. The idea that humans are not all economists and don’t always make the logical decision really intrigues me. This book really exposed me to some ideas and theories that I would never have thought about. The contents of this story are also quite connectable to what I experience in life. Many of the interesting facts and social experiment this book talks about relate to what I see in everyday life. This is a book packed full of interesting concepts and ideas that is very much worth exploring from what I read.