Today is the third day, Wednesday, of the second Ignite Week, and my second blog post for Express It!

During this project, I am using mostly my phone to film, but I also use the school iPad sometimes. I have a small tripod for my phone, and the larger one for the iPad. To edit my video, I’m using Final Cut Pro. A skill that I want to improve on is to film better. For example, when I walk and my phone is recording, sometimes, the video can be really shaky, but using the small tripod and holding the “arms” instead of the phone has helped me stabilize the camera. But sometimes when I use the tripod, the video still might be a bit shaky, so then, I use the stabilizer effect in Final Cut Pro. During second block, we also shared what we have for our project so far with our peers, and they gave us feedback. This is my TAG feedback form:

Using this feedback, I will improve my final product, and add things like titles to clips, so my audience knows what is happening as they watch my video.