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Ignite Week: Express It! Exhibition

During our second Ignite Week Express It!, I created a video that consisted of different clips – some that were time lapse, some were in normal speed – from different angles that showed what a middle schooler’s life looks like during a normal school day.

To complete this project, I first had to decide what I wanted to do and plan out what I wanted my project to look like. I had to look at some videos and find some inspiration so I could get some ideas. I saw a video showing time lapse clips of kids on their first day of school, and that was my biggest source of inspiration. I then started filming other seventh grade classes, break, lunch, enrichments, etc. I would edit along the way on Final Cut Pro, and add titles for each clip to tell my audience what that part was about. In the end, I also added an upbeat song that was appropriate for my video. During this process, I learned that there was a stabilizer effect in Final Cut Pro and iMovie as well, and when you filmed something shaky, you can use it to make your clip look less shaky.

The L21 Area that I focused on was Creativity and Innovation, and more specifically, “My product combines different elements into a coherent whole.” I wanted to focus on this because when I first started filming, I had a lot of different time lapse clips from different parts of a day, and I had to learn to put all of that together into one video so that it would flow. To meet this goal, I first had to finish filming all the different parts of a day first and then put them in order so it would make sense. But when I started editing, using transitions was something that helped the different shots merge and flow.

Throughout this project, something that I learned how to do is I got better at using my editing program, Final Cut Pro, and I discovered more effects like the stabilization effect to make my videos less shaky. Even though I already knew how to set up a large tripod before, I got better at it because I was able to do it on my own. I also am better at filming now, and the videos I film aren’t nearly as shaky as before as I practiced filming with steadier hands, and the smaller tripod for my phone really helped. These skills will benefit me in the future because there is a high chance that I might do another film project in the future, and these new skills I’ve gained will definitely improve my production quality.

Overall, this Ignite Week really helped me grow, because I was able to learn so many different things and skills and challenge myself, while I could still be creative and have fun at the same time.

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  1. Hi Emily,

    Thanks for sharing your learning from Ignite week on your blog!
    I love the way you’ve used the time-lapse in your video, it works well for this purpose and you’ve carried it out beautifully with the camera angles you chose. I also really like the way you’ve viewed the inside of classrooms – through windows and peaking around corners.

    There is just one element of the film that might benefit from a touch up – The panning in the cafeteria was a little fast for my eyes and may need to be a little slower. Could just be me though!

    I also like to use the stabiliser effect when I create movies – it was a game changer once I discovered that! I look forward to your next production!

    Ms. Brown

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