On Monday, April 8, we visited the Wenyu River for our 6th data collection of the year. Most of the trees were already starting to look very green, grass was sprouting, and there were many purple flowers as well. The sky was bright and it was sunny, but also cloudy at the same time. Something my group and I noticed was that the water levels were lower than before, and we had to reach farther down to record the temperature.

Picture of Samantha taking the temperature at Site 2 during the April Visit

During this field study, the LabQuest wasn’t working so unfortunately we weren’t able to record the mg/L of dissolved oxygen, but we were able to collect the temperature for all three locations. For Site 1, the temperature was 15ºC, Site 2 was 13ºC, and Site 3 was 9ºC, which you can see in the data table below. Last time, my group thought that as the temperature increases, so does the amount of dissolved oxygen. But now, we aren’t so sure, because we had asked another group who was doing dissolved oxygen as well to give us their information so that we could fill in some of the blank spaces in our data table. We found out that in January, the amount of dissolved oxygen in mg/L for Site 1 was 15.94, and for Site 2 was 16.34, with an average of 16.14 mg/L. The temperature of both sites was 5ºC.

Updated data table

The pattern we noticed last time does not make sense anymore, since the average amount of dissolved oxygen in November was 13.5733333, with an average temperature of 7ºC. The amount of dissolved oxygen in January was greater than the amount in November, while the temperature in January was lower than the temperature in November. So right now we are not sure what pattern and connections there are between our data points. Next time when we collect the amount of dissolved oxygen in the river, I wonder if it will show that the data from January was wrong and the pattern we first noticed is correct, or if there’s another pattern that hopefully we’ll be able to figure out next time.

Site Visit vs Temperature: Graph that shows the average temperature of the river during each visit

Site Visit vs Dissolved Oxygen: Graph that shows the average amount of dissolved oxygen in the river during each visit