Identity – Introduction to Portraiture

By Emily P.   I figure a photograph or picture will be viewed as a portrait when feelings and character are appeared or emotions and personality is conveyed. an image photograph must expire and express the characters and personalities of someone or of a gathering. Picture photography, in spite of its name, doesn’t generally orContinue reading Identity – Introduction to Portraiture

Researching the Starting Point

Abstract photography changes our interpretation and perspective of things, whether it be everyday objects, or concepts and ideas. Abstract photography allows us to think outside the box, since it doesn’t provide us with a concrete context, thus leading us to further interpretation. Colors, composition, and patterns help build an emotional basis in which we areContinue reading Researching the Starting Point

Formal Elements – Paul Strand

Paul Strand, Abstraction, Twin Lakes, Connecticut’ Strand wrote that photography could either represent objects or function as “abstract forms to create an emotion unrelated to objectivity.” Strand’s vision was shaped by his relationship with the photographer Alfred Stieglitz, in whose New York gallery he saw the work of the European avant-garde. 1. Copy the photographContinue reading Formal Elements – Paul Strand