Anti Phone Design challenge

These are pictures of my Prototype

This is the sketch I Drew for my Design My Idea is basically a box that you can keep your phone in and can charge it, and you put on a special lock on it that won’t open for a certain amount of time, like an hour or two. And there wouldn’t be the need for any cables inside the box because the charging portion of the box will just be like a wireless charging battery bank. And there can be an app that shuts down your phone after using it for too long and forces you to put it into the box for a certain amount of time. And there can be different sizes for a computer or an Ipad etc. On the outside, there would be indicators to show how much battery is left in your phone and the battery of the box, and just in case of emergencies theres an emergency key to open the box with. And the box will tell if there is an emergency, for example, if your parents you. And they can also have an app on their phone that they can emergency contact you with that lets you open the box. And that you make sure you don’t just use the key to take out your device whenever you want there is a certain amount of times you can use the key


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