End of Project Space Race Blog Post

For this project, we dove into the Space Race, and the cold wars, between the US, and the Soviets Union. We learned about the Apollo missions and the purpose and abilities of rovers that are being sent to Mars. Using this knowledge we learned about science and history, we then had to create our own company to inhabit another planet of our choosing. Then for our exhibition, we pitch to investors our company and objective.



One Interesting thing I reflected upon was that during the cold war, and the Space race, there was an immense competition between the USSR and the US, and this helped thrived innovation in both countries, which helped birth many technologies we take for granted today. This made me realize how competition is a very strong motivation for creativity and innovation.

This project helped have several realizations. Firstly, one prime, fundamental reason us humans, innovate is to Solve Problems, we have a constant urge to progress by trying new things, and by solving issues. The simplest definition of the word, technology, is a tool, we use technology as a tool to communicate, determine, workout, and find solutions to problems.

Looking back on this project, I realize that innovation is a massive part of the purpose of humans, to advance and progress our civilization. It’s in our very souls, and existence that we strive to help and protect ourselves and each other. But in the process of advancement, tragedy often strikes, we sabotage ourselves while trying to do the opposite. But we always power through and learn from tragedies, and we use it as an advantage, and come out much stronger than before.

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